How to delete music from iPhone using iTunes

Apple gadget users are interested in how to remove music from iPhone with Aitjuns. From a smartphone, you can remove the audio recording from the application. And in the computer, this is done using a special program. The removal of music appears if it is necessary to clean the memory on a mobile device, as well as if you want to update the audio library. Consider this procedure in detail.

Removing music

First of all, configure the synchronization of your gadget with a laptop or home computer. For this, connecting using a cable, as well as a network connection via Wi-Fi, is suitable. Launch a special program. The bulk of the actions are performed in the section “Music”, so open it.Music at iTunes Media LibraryHow to remove music from iPhone through iTunes? Highlight the necessary audio files and drag them with the mouse to an empty area. It remains only to enable synchronization. To do this, open in the toolbar “File – Devices”.Devices in iTunesThere, select the appropriate item and wait until the process is completed. This is where the audio deletion is completed. If you want to replenish the library, then use the instructions from our article: “Downloading music on the iPhone using iTunes”.Note: you must use the same account in Aityunce and Aifon. Otherwise, problems with synchronization will arise.

Alternative way

The simple way to remove music from the iPhone through iTunes is described above. You can also clean the audio library using third-party programs, for example, iTools. With this software, you can complete the procedure faster, because you do not need to synchronize. To download the program, go to theИспользование iTools site extremely simple. Run the program, open the category “Music” and enable file deletion.Uninstall

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