How to install the game through DAEMON Tools

Online games are often recorded in ISO file format. They can be extracted using a conventional archiver, for example, WinRAR. But it will take a long time, which is rather irrational. After all, these documents are disk images. It is much more reasonable to use a special program for mounting virtual drives. There is quite a lot of such software. Against the general background, DAEMON Tools stands out strongly. The program is easy to use, weighs little and practically does not take away computer resources.

Mounting the image of the game in DAEMON Tools

Since only mounting the image into a virtual drive is required, it is best to use the version of the DAEMON Tools Lite program. It does not require purchase and is easy to use. The following is an instruction on its installation and setting.

Stage 1: Program Installation

  1. Launch the download from the page
  2. Run file DTLiteInstaller.exe.Start of DT Lite installation
  3. At the beginning of the installation, select the free option.
  4. In the main part of the installation, leave all parameters unchanged.
  5. At the very end, turn off all Yandex components, otherwise you will have unnecessary programs that will have to be deleted.Disabling Yandex DAEMON Tools Lite Components

Stage 2: Settings

As the program is installed, you need to figure out how to install the game with its help. Open DAEMON Tools Lite and click on the bottom of the window “Quick mount”.

Quick mounting DAEMON Tools Lite

In the new window, open the directory with the downloaded ISO file. Highlight it and click “Open”. In the list of PC devices, a drive with the image of the game is detected, open it and complete the installation. When the installation is completed, it is advisable to remove the virtual drive. To do this, run DT Lite again. Hover over the device below the window. Click on it PCM and select the option “Unmount”, and then “Delete”.

Removing DAEMON Tools Lite Drive

Important: at the stage of opening a disk image, a failure may occur. You can solve it according to the instructions set forth in the article “Extraval error prohibited” in DAEMON Tools. But first restart the computer and try again.

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