How to log into iTunes on iPhone

The name iTunes Store is the licensed Apple media content store. There, the owner of a smartphone or tablet can purchase the favorite movie from an impressive collection or series. Moreover, it will be available for viewing on the computer. Everything is done through the mobile application of the same name. It buys music.

Important: the iTunes Store and the App Store are different applications, although many confuse them.

Appearance of the iTunes Store


Entrance to Aitjuns Stor on the iPhone is done using the Apple ID (this is the same account that is used in the App Store and iTunes). Open the corresponding application and stomp on “Entrance” or Sign In.ITunes Store iconThen specify the current login with the password and confirm the input.ITunes Store Login WindowThis procedure is completed, you will have access to all the content presented on the site. If some purchase is already tied to an account, you do not need to pay it again, it will be available for viewing.


Enabling account registration is convenient to execute via iTunes. Launch this program on your PC. Then open the tool menu “Account”, there choose “Come in …”.ITunes Login ButtonNext, click on the registration point. Here you have to indicate the current email address and country of residence, come up with a password and accept licensing conditions. On the next page, enter a name, date of birth, and also ask answers to the control questions. They will be required in case of account recovery.Continuation of iTunes registrationAt the final stage of creating an account, a bank card will need to be tied to it. Please note that a small amount will be withdrawn from its balance sheet for confirmation. After some time, she will be returned to the account. Registration is now over. Use the specified data to enter Aitjuns on the iPhone.

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