iPhone not syncing with iTunes

Even Apple technology cannot boast of perfect stability. There is always a risk of a malfunction. These include the situation where the iPhone fails to sync to iTunes. To begin with, we will deal with its causes, and then we will consider the most effective ways to eliminate them.

Possible problems

The first thing an iPhone owner may encounter is cable problems. Also, difficulties sometimes arise due to the use of an outdated version of the program or the freezing of a special service. The last is a problem with the device itself.

Situation 1: Cable problems

The reason why your iPhone won’t sync with iTunes may be a cable problem. Many owners of Apple mobile devices note that the original cord quickly fails and becomes suitable only for charging. In this case, the best solution is to connect via Wi-Fi.

Situation 2: An outdated version of the program

Updated regularly for iTunes. The developer himself highly recommends using only the latest version of the program. It should be the most stable and functional. Accordingly, when using outdated software, various difficulties often arise. This also applies to connectivity issues.

Updating iTunes is the most logical way out of this situation. Everything is done in the program itself, you don’t even need to go to its website. This usually happens automatically, but the function can be called manually.

  1. Open the Help menu.
  2. Select “Updates” element.iTunes Update Call Menu
  3. Click on “Download iTunes”.
  4. Confirm the action in Apple Software Update.Apple Software Update window
  5. Wait for the latest software to download and install.

Situation 3: Custom service failure

Another reason why iTunes does not sync iPhone may be a failure of a special service. In this case, you need to restart it. This is done as follows:

  1. Disconnect your smartphone from your PC.
  2. Close iTunes.
  3. Use the search function to open the “Services” element.Go to Services via Start Search
  4. In the list, find Apple Mobile Device Service.
  5. Right-click on this column and select the restart option. > Restarting the Apple Service
  6. Try connecting again.

Situation 4: Smartphone issues

If the above steps did not help, then the problem is most likely in the iPhone itself. Try turning it off and on. In some cases, it will be impossible to do this, then you should use Hard Reset. The function is called like this:

  • For iPhone 7 and older, you need to simultaneously hold down the volume down button and the lock button for ten seconds.
  • For younger models, the Home button and volume down.

When the Apple logo appears on the device screen, you can release the buttons. Another situation why the iPhone does not sync with iTunes is related to the firmware of the device. It is recommended that you update your smartphone to iOS 11. In this case, the connection to the computer should pass without any difficulties.

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