Error in DAEMON Tools access denied

Unfortunately, there are no computer programs that work all the time without failures. Sooner or later, malfunctions can occur when using any software. A common mistake in DAEMON Tools is the message about the lack of access to the disk image.Daemon Tools Error Display

Causes of the problem and their correction

If it is displayed that DAEMON Tools Pro “Access is prohibited”, then the cause of the problem most likely is the image file that the user is trying to open. It may be damaged or occupied by another application. In rare cases, a failure occurs due to malfunctions of the program itself.

Reason 1: Image used by another program

This error may be due to the fact that the opened document is already used by another program on the computer. If someone else “recorded” the image file, then DAEMON Tools cannot refer to it. Most often, this is a torrent client with which it was loaded. So try closing it.UTorrent closingAn alternative is to restart the computer. In this case, all processes will turn off, including those that interact with the desired document.

Reason 2: Image file damaged

If, however, there is still no access to the DAEMON Tools image file, then perhaps the problem lies in it. The program is not able to process damaged or unloaded documents. In this case, the only solution would be to completely remove the image and launch a new injection.

Reason 3: Not the same file

Sometimes not one document is downloaded, but several. For example, a large file with the ISO extension and a small one with the MDX format (can be MDS).Expanding Files in DAEMON ToolsThey store information about the image. In this case, try not to open the main document, but the auxiliary one. Sometimes this helps to avoid a lack of access error.

Reason 4: DAEMON Tools Program Failure

And what if the rest of the solutions to the problem are not suitable? It would be logical to assume that the problem is not related to the image of the disk, but to the program itself. For example, with damage to the virtual drive driver or violation of the integrity of important data. Then the only available solution will be software reinstallation. Removal is done in a standard way, and you can find the details of the installation procedure in our article “DAEMON Tools Lite”.In short, you need to download the installation file from the websiteStart of DT Lite installationIn the process, select an item “Free license”, and then perform the required

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  2. Даналка

    Всё илементарно Ватсон, у меня чистый ПК и после установки выдал ошибку DAEMON Tools доступ запрещен. Копьетер тупо блокирует драйвера программы Алкаголь 120% тоже самое. Нажал свойтва ярлыка запустить от прав Админа всё заработала, а вы тут шляпу развели какую та, научитесь ПК пользоваться.

    1. Павел

      Ты такой умный.

    2. X

      Ситуации разные бывают. У моей “ошибки” было то, что комп был в домене и надо было в программе забить проски.

  3. Андрей

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  4. Константин

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    Если интернет на ПК есть, но ранее редактировался файл “Host”, то из файла уберите ранее добавленные строки.

  5. Артем

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