iTunes by Apple

iTunes is an official Apple software designed to synchronize devices with iOS with a computer. Almost all owners of the IPhone and IPad encountered its use. Below, the article presents the main features of the program, as well as iTunes instruction in Russian on installation and launch.


Directly interacting with the smartphone or iOS file system is not possible, since this operating system is closed. For these purposes, Apple iTunes is used.

iTunes General Window

Consider the main features of the program: synchronization with mobile devices, backup, shopping, viewing and listening to media files, editing information and transferring data.


The synchronization procedure with a mobile device is extremely simple. It is enough to turn on the iPhone or iPad through a special cable (Lighting) into a computer, and it will automatically appear in the program window. From there you can already transfer files, copy and restore data, make purchases and so on. In addition, synchronization with Wi-Fi is available (only works on the home network).


Backup is a very important function with which data from a smartphone is loaded into the cloud storage. It is called iCloud. This also applies to firmware itself, it can be restored with a software breakdown of the device. User files, such as photos, are also saved.

ITunes Backup

Data backup can be configured so that it runs automatically. Then the phone will upload all the specified data to the server when connecting to the home network, no action is required from the user. You can also create backups manually. For example, when you plan to update the firmware or replace the old phone with a new one. And viewing photos is much more convenient from a large screen, which is also an advantage of this function.


The iTunes app has the ability to make purchases. Moreover, the content is not tied to the computer, but to the account currently in use. Apple has a large media file platform where music, applications, podcasts, and films are present. And you can rent them, which saves you.

Media Relations

Suppose a user wants to download new music, series or movie on an iPhone or iPad. This cannot be done if you simply connect the mobile device to the computer and flip the files. To do this, use Aitjuns. Audio does not have to purchase from the Apple built-in store, you can transfer any composition from the system storage.

ITunes Music

This applies to other files. At this point, the program shows high speed. It is noteworthy that the iPhone does not even need to be connected to the computer using a cable, it is enough to organize synchronization via Wi-Fi. The application contains a built-in file converter in the formats that are supported by iOS.


The iTunes application provides the ability to edit contacts. This is a convenient way to organize the contents of a notebook. You can also view and change notes created on Aifon or Aipad. They can be transferred between devices if they are tied to the same Apple ID.

Program Installation

Run file iTunes64Setup.exe or iTunes32Setup.exe. The Aitjuns application installation window opens, click on it “Next”.

Start of iTunes installation

In the next menu, you can change the installation folder, select the desired localization, update mode and similar parameters. Pay attention to the option “Use iTunes like … “.

Disabling iTunes

If it is activated, then when starting music files, this particular application will be used. Therefore, it is recommended to turn it off. Then the main part of the procedure will begin, the end time depends on the performance of your computer. In the new PC, it will take no more than a couple of minutes. In the final window, activate the start of the application and click “Finish”.

Completion of iTunes


Open Aitjuns, a window with a license agreement will pop up. To close it, click “Accepting”. In the new menu, click on this button again. Now you need to log in to your Apple account. To do this, click on the login point. Then specify the Apple ID and password linked to the account. If you do not have a profile, then you can register it. To do this, click “Create a new one …”.

Entrance to iTunes

Now it remains to connect the smartphone or tablet to the computer in any of the available ways and start using the program.Note: a number of functions will not be available if you log in to the program and mobile device under different accounts. Therefore, it is recommended to use the same account everywhere.You can download iTunes on the official Apple page –

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