iTunes unknown error 0xe8000065 has occurred

Rarely when using a smartphone or tablet from Apple, you can encounter any problems. But this does not apply to computer synchronization of the device. For this, special software is used – Aitjuns. And sometimes there are various problems with him. For example, a 0xe8000065 error when connecting to iTunes. Let’s try to figure out what is happening and how to get rid of it.

The essence of the error

This problem occurs when trying to connect the iPad or iPhone to a computer. The result is that the synchronization is interrupted by an error. The reason may be cable damage, system crash, using an outdated version of the software and violating the integrity of iTunes files.

iTunes Error Window


The failure is accompanied by a message that the program is not able to connect to the mobile device. And in the end there is a typing of the error code itself. One of the methods described below will help fix it. Start with the first and move on to the last. If none of the options has led to the desired result, contact Apple’s technical support.

Method 1: Reloading

Reloading allows you to get rid not only of an unknown error 0xe8000065 in Aityun, but also of many other failures. This problem applies to both computer software and Apple’s mobile device. To start, disconnect your smartphone or tablet from your computer, completely turn it off and turn it on. Then restart the system.

Reboot Windows 10 PC

Insert the cable again and open the Aitjuns app. If synchronization is successful, then there will be no more problems. Otherwise, move on to the next method.

Method 2: Change cable or connector

Dissatisfaction can occur not only at the program, but also at the hardware level. The device may not work correctly with the software due to the use of an unoriginal or damaged cable. The easiest way to check it with another iPhone or iPad. If the problem is this, you must replace the cable. Try turning it on to another USB connector on the computer (it is recommended to use ports on the back of the case). It is also preferable to disconnect all peripheral devices that are not currently in use.

Method 3: Software Update

Device connection problems are sometimes associated with using an outdated version of Apple software. In this case, it needs to be updated. This can be done in two ways: inside the program and by fully reinstalling. In the first case, run iTunes. At the top of the window find the button “Help”, in the context menu, call the update item. In case of complete reinstallation, you should download the latest version from the Apple website, link –

Method 4: Cleaning the Lockdown folder

In the catalog Lockdown the computer stores various information about iTunes. It may contain damaged files, due to which an unknown error 0xe8000065 occurs in Aitjuns. They must be removed. To do this, disconnect the mobile device from the PC and completely unload the program from memory. Open the window “Follow out”, his call is assigned to Win + R, but you can run from the Start. Enter there %ProgramData % (with the % signs) and click on the confirmation.

ProgramData to Run

Open Windows Explorer, in it go to the Apple catalog. Find a folder with a name Lockdown and completely remove it from the system (select the desired document and press Shift + Delete).

Lockdown in ProgramData

Only restarting the computer and mobile device remains. After that, you can repeat the attempt to

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