Download iTunes for Windows

Almost all owners of mobile devices of the Apple brand know about the iTunes program. This is the name of the official software designed to establish a connection between a computer and a gadget. And it is possible not only through a USB cable. Synchronization can also be enabled within the home Wi-Fi network.

Loading the program

To download iTunes for Windows, visit On the top right you will find the Download button, click on it. Next, click on Download now. Now run the newly loaded document.

Install on a computer

Now let’s proceed directly to the installation procedure. On the introductory screen, click on the continue item. Next, program shortcuts, translation language and destination folder are configured. Main part of iTunes installation setting

The item “Use iTunes as…” is worth highlighting separately. If left enabled, this software will be used to play all music files by default. If an audio player is already installed on the computer, it will be replaced. Therefore, in most cases, this option should be disabled.

To install iTunes for Windows, click “Install”. Then the procedure for transferring files to the specified folder will begin. It won’t take long. On medium-sized computers, its duration, as a rule, does not exceed two minutes. It is advisable not to load the system with other processes.

The main part of the iTunes installation processOn the final page, check the box next to Open iTunes…” if it’s not already there. And then click on the finish button. Then the program will open immediately. Complete installation with opening iTunesNow let’s consider the possible difficulties of the above procedure. It is about them that will be discussed further.

Possible difficulties

Installing the latest version of iTunes for Windows may be difficult. Usually, no complicated actions are required from the user. As a rule, a normal reboot of the operating system should suffice. And if this is not enough, then use one of the recommendations below.

An anti-virus software becomes a frequent source of such difficulties. Therefore, at the time of installation, it is advisable to turn off all security programs, then their work can be restored.

You will be notified if there is not enough space on the specified drive to host iTunes. In this situation, there are 2 logical solutions. First, you can change the installation route. And secondly, you can delete unnecessary data to clean up memory. Both options will work. Not enough space for iTunes settings

Another important piece of advice is to run the installation package with administrator rights. But how to do it? First, go to the folder with the downloaded file. Right-click on it and activate the special launch option.

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