Download iTunes for Windows 10

The owner of Apple’s equipment will sooner or later necessarily encounter the iTunes program. What is it for? Without this software, data transfer between PCs and devices running iOS is not possible. It is noteworthy that it is not necessary to use a cable for synchronization. It is possible through Wai Fai.

Download iTunes

To download Aitjuns for Windows 10 for free, you need to go to the link on the opened page to easily see the blue button Download now. Just click on it to cause injection. In the end, you need to start the installation package.

Installation procedure

The article is devoted directly to how to download Aitjuns on Windows 10, and then install it. When you open the downloaded file, the corresponding window will appear. It should click LKM on “Next”. The button will confirm the action. Now specify the basic settings offered on the page.The main part of the iTunes installation settingsFunction “Use iTunes like it is worth leaving only if you want to change the standard music player to a new program. In other situations, it should be turned off before moving on to the next stage. Just uncheck the selection from the corresponding item. You have already downloaded iTunes to Windows 10 and launched the installation. Now we move on to its main part. Assign all parameters as you wish, if required, and then select “Install”. Next, expect the file copying process to the directory that was specified earlier.The main part of the iTunes installation processThe total duration, as a rule, does not exceed five minutes. For this period of time, you should not download the computer with other programs. It remains only to note the item “Open iTunes … “ and click on “Finish”.Completion of installation with the opening of iTunesNow log in to the program under the same Apple ID that is used on your mobile device and configure synchronization.

Possible failures

Unfortunately, there are various kinds of errors in the iTunes installation process for Windows 10. The standard method for eliminating them is to restart the computer. But what if this measure did not help? In this case, we have prepared a number of universal methods that will surely fix the crash. If a protective software runs on a computer, for example, antivirus software, it should be turned off or temporarily suspended. Then try again. This action should be enough to eliminate the malfunction. It will not work if there is not enough space on the computer for the program. She needs at least 400 MB of memory. Accordingly, this space needs to be freed or the installation path changed. Both options are acceptable. Use one that seems more convenient to you.Insufficient iTunes installation spaceTry opening the downloaded file with superuser rights. To do this, go to his location. Click on the desired PCM document. And then activate the launch on behalf of the administrator. In the resulting window, you need to confirm the action.

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