Download iTunes for Windows 7

What is iTunes for PC? This is the name of a special program that Apple is responsible for developing. And its purpose is to synchronize the company’s mobile gadgets with laptops or computers.

Download iTunes

To download iTunes for Windows 7, open the page There you will find the Download now button in a blue rounded rectangle. If you click on it, the download will begin. Open the file you just downloaded.

Installation on a computer

Now let’s deal directly with the installation process itself. In the window that appears, click “Next” to confirm starting the procedure. The next page sets the preliminary settings, which include the installation directory, creating a shortcut, and specifying the language. iTunes.png”>The main part of the iTunes installation setup

Column “Use iTunes as …” is responsible for the fact that the installed program becomes a standard music player. It will run every time the user opens any audio file. Accordingly, the previously used player will be replaced. Therefore, it is highly recommended to deactivate it.

To download iTunes on Windows 7, activate the “Install” button. In this case, the program files will be directly moved to the previously selected folder. Its duration depends entirely on the performance of the computer and the workload of the system. It is advisable to close all unnecessary processes at this time. The main part of the installation process iTunes

On the final screen, enable Open iTunes…”. And then click on the end point. Completing installation opening iTunes

Problem solving

During the installation of the latest version of iTunes for Windows 7, various difficulties sometimes occur. Their occurrence completely interrupts the procedure, which is highly undesirable. First of all, it is recommended to restart the computer, after which you need to try again. If this does not help, then follow the tips below.

Quite often, problems with installing any programs on Windows 7 and other operating systems arise due to the action of security software. To a greater extent, this applies to antiviruses, but there is also other software. The logical solution is to temporarily deactivate the operation of such programs. When iTunes is delivered, they can be returned.

The installation process will be interrupted if there is not enough space on the disk to install iTunes. In this case, there are 2 logical solutions: clear the memory of unnecessary, temporary or unnecessary files or change the installation route. Use the option that will be optimal in this situation. Insufficient space to install iTunes

The installation file must be run with administrator rights. How is this done? First, go to the directory where it is located. Right click on the document. In the list of functions, select start as administrator.

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