Download iTunes for Windows 8

What is the function of the iTunes program? Apple Corporation is responsible for supporting this software. It is designed to establish a connection between a PC and a gadget with an iOS system. It is carried out both wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) methods.

iTunes download

You can download iTunes for Windows 8 for free on the official Apple page – The bitness of the installation file will be determined automatically, just click Download on the site that opens, and then Download now. It remains only to open this document.

Installation procedure

Let’s take a closer look at the installation process itself. In the window that appears, you need to click on “Next”. This will start the main part of the procedure. The next section sets the key settings: the program directory, its language, and a shortcut for the desktop. The main part of the iTunes installation setup

The “Use iTunes as…” option is used to assign this program the function of a standard audio player. It will be used to play any music files. In addition, the previously used player will be replaced by iTunes. It is advisable to disable it before continuing.

Now let’s move on to the main part of the procedure, how to install iTunes for Windows 8. Set all the preliminary settings, and then click on the installation item. It remains to wait until the files are transferred to the specified directory in the previous paragraph. The main part of the iTunes installation processThe speed of the process directly depends on the capacity and workload of the system. It is advisable not to start new tasks in the computer at this time.

Now you need to check the option “Open iTunes…”, then left-click on “Finish”.Complete installation by opening iTunes It remains only to set up synchronization with a mobile device and proceed to use the program. Remember that in both cases you must use the same Apple ID.

This instruction on how to download iTunes on Windows 8 can be considered complete. But what if there are difficulties during the procedure? In this case, study the troubleshooting section, there you will definitely find the best solution.

Installation Troubleshooting

In the process of installing iTunes for Windows 8, users often encounter all kinds of malfunctions. As a rule, it will be possible to remove them by simply restarting the laptop or PC. If this action did not give the desired effect, then proceed to the following recommendations.

A common recommendation when installing a large number of programs is to temporarily deactivate the antivirus. This also applies to iTunes. The fact is that security software may incorrectly respond to changes to the system even when they are not dangerous.

The installation process will stop if there is not enough free space on the specified media to accommodate iTunes. Accordingly, either it needs to be released, or the future location of the software needs to be changed. >Insufficient space to install iTunes

It is desirable to start the installation process with admin privileges. To do this, go to the folder where the downloaded file is located. Next, right click on it. And click on the appropriate opening option.

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