Download the iTunes app to your computer

iOS is a closed operating system used in Apple’s mobile technology. The iPhone or iPad cannot just connect to the computer to flip photos or music. To do this, you need to use a special software – the Aitjuns application on the computer.

Program Pumping

You can download the Aitjuns application for your computer directly from its official website. To do this, go to the page. It is easy to find Download now. Pressing it will start the download procedure. When it is finished, open the installation package.

Installation process

A certain complexity can cause the process of installing iTunes on a computer or laptop. It will start when the boot file is opened. The first page is welcome, just click on it “Next”. Then change the pre-setting, if necessary.The main part of the iTunes installation settingsIf you leave a line “Use iTunes like unchanged, the Apple program will be used on the computer not only for connection with the iPhone, but also for reproducing any musical compositions. In addition, it will replace the standard player. If you do not need this, then turn it off. And then you can continue the procedure. Set those parameters whose initial settings do not suit you. Next, click on the continuation button. This will cause a file copying procedure.The main part of the iTunes installation processThey will be moved to the folder specified before. Most often, the whole process will not take away more 3 – 5 minutes of time. To speed it up, temporarily close all unnecessary programs, previously saving their data. At the end, select the option to run the program and left-click on “Finish”.Completion of installation with the opening of iTunesNext, log in to your Apple account and connect the mobile device to the computer.

Elimination of possible problems

During the installation and downloading of the iTunes application to the computer, the user may encounter some problems. Below, the article will provide universal ways to solve such failures. As a rule, nothing needs to be invented. Just restart the system. Then the difficulty should be eliminated. When the system has a protective software (it includes various antiviruses, for example, AVAST), it often interrupts the installation process for other programs. The same thing can happen with iTunes. Suspend the action of such programs, and then try again. Sometimes the specified media simply lacks the memory to place iTunes. In this case, there are two reasonable solutions. First, you can clear the location for this software. And secondly, you can change the installation path. Use one of the options.Insufficient iTunes installation spaceIt is still worth launching a downloaded document with admin rights. Find the folder where it is located, usually this is a directory “Downloads”. Next, right-click on it. From the pop-up list, select the option you want. It remains only to confirm the

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