Fixing directx setup error an internal error occurred

Directx setup error an internal error occurred — one who has never seen this error has never tried to play games with a new graphics. Often this applies to Battlefield 4 fans, which has impressive system requirements and impresses the beauty of the picture. But here is the problem, during its installation, the ill-fated Directorate often issues the aforementioned error and interrupts the process. How to fix it?

Key Options

To begin with, it is worth saying that the Directorate is an auxiliary program that has been working for Windows users for many years. She is responsible for the graphics, videos and their components. It consists of libraries that deal with these processes. Without the Directorate, it would be incredibly difficult to write games, and it was they who would work incorrectly on your computer, giving out errors and an unpleasant picture.error correction directx-setup-error-an-internal-error-occurredAn error can be caused by:

  • Inconsistency of the version of the Directorate itself. If it is too outdated, then it cannot work with a new generation game. Therefore, you should immediately check the version of your Directorate and the version that the game needs;
  • The clogging of your system, which can be easily fixed with appropriate utilities. Sometimes there are so many extra files that they do not allow the program to work normally;
  • Discrepancy of the schedule. See the minimum requirements of the game and the power of your computer, if at least above it, you can safely forget about it.

Problem solution

Now let’s move on to the direct solution of this error if all of the above options disappear. If this concerns the BF4 game, then we will do everything according to the instructions:

  • We go to the official website and download the setting bf4 file;
  • We are looking for a folder with the game, we need it “redist”, we delete everything there except the following files dsetup.dll, dsetup32.dll, dxsetup.exe;
  • Next, you need to unpack the downloaded folder there.

In some cases, the game may start, but debugging will be observed. In this case, just updating the video drivers is enough and the picture will become beautiful. In fact, such an instruction is suitable for almost any new generation game. Therefore, it can be safely used even if you are trying to play not in BF4. This error appears only during the installation of these games. The problem is solved and now you can enjoy beautiful graphics and no

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