How to rollback directx

Directx – is a set of libraries that are used by games. This helps them display graphic elements, do it correctly and correctly. Newer versions of the program allow players an increasingly powerful and beautiful schedule. The most important transition was from 9 to version 10, when the program began to reflect very complex effects. For example, dynamic shadows and volumetric glow.

How to roll directx to the old version without losing performance

How to roll the direct x? This issue is interested in most gamers who are interested in the benefits of the old version. Since often the program can be updated independently, during the installation of one of the games. You can change the version using the complete reinstallation of the library or using various utilities. They can also be downloaded on the Internet without risks and difficulties.

Rollback Instruction

There are several ways, but we decided to highlight the most convenient and simple. It will look like a simple instruction, so by completing it in stages, you can achieve a complete rollback to the old version:

  1. We need to get into the library and find new files there that were installed during the Directx update. Next, we install elements from the old version. We need to find a program management panel, use the menu “Start”, and then “Management Panel”. We go into the installation and removal of programs and look for Directx there, then delete all components;
  2. Next, go to the official website of the program and download the desired version of the files. For example, if you had a version with the number 10, then you should download the library 9.0s. We start and carry out the installation of elements, then restart the computer;
  3. If you decide to use one of the possible utilities, then you should pay attention to DirectX Happy Uninstall. It works on absolutely all versions and is perfectly optimized. No malfunctions were noticed. Just one click with the mouse will allow any user to roll the Direct to the previous version. But this process is not so fast that it often makes users nervous. Then you need the KMDXC program – it is less convenient, but it can change the version in almost a few seconds. In it you can roll back or vice versa, update the program to the next version. It is also possible to completely remove, but this is already a larger bonus.

DirectX Happy Uninstall

Which of the options is the best? Choosing you, in any case, the problem is

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