How to reinstall DirectX

The X-Director, like any other utility, can be prone to viral attacks. After which the games, so depending on this set of libraries and functions, will no longer be able to work normally. And most often they will not start. This is evidenced by an error appearing on the screen, with not very pleasant sound accompaniment, when trying to start some kind of game. Is it familiar? The error usually indicates the code, by the type of this – d3dx9_43.dll. For an ordinary user, this magic character set means nothing, and to clarify the situation is the Direct X library file. If it is damaged – as a result of a virus attack or when installing, or deleting, any programs or components, this can happen, namely, library files are damaged.Directorate X file library

Deleting X-Direct

In this case, you can simply reinstall the Directorate X. Although “just” will not work. In a viral attack, in some cases, an update may not work. It is advisable to remove the Ix Directorate from the computer. And here is a small snag. The fact is that it is impossible to completely remove the Direct X from the computer. But you can roll back, there was no problem yet. Or use the Direct X – DirectX Happy Uninstall program to remove Direct X.Edited Directory X Library File

  • You can download the utility online, it itself has a simple interface, albeit in English.
  • After installation, click on the button Uninstall, in the left column of the utility window,
  • We agree with the warning.

In which, by the way, it is said that if there are problems in the Directorate X, there are many ways to solve the problem without removing the set of libraries.

Download and install Direct X

Next we go to the official Microsoft website on download page software for Windows and download the latest, system-relevant version of Direct X.

  • Here we select the language and press the red button “Download.

Download Direct X

  • On the next page, Microsoft will offer us to download and install other products, click here “Refuse and continue. (But it’s like someone, maybe someone will like the offer).
  • Download the utility and double-click the start of the installation.

License Agreement Direct X

  • We are waiting for the installation wizard to scan for availability in the Direct X system. Then confirm the start of the installation.

The X-Direct is installed on the computerUsually all the fun does not take much time. At the end of which a message will appear about the successful installation of the latest X Directives on your computer. Naturally, after, the computer needs to be restarted. Have a nice game!

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