How to check DirectX version

Active users who often play various games face a program like DirectX. If someone else is not aware what it is and what it is for, let’s try to briefly explain. This is a developed set of software library files for normal operation of games on a computer. Simply put, this is a program without which games will not start or simply hang. At best, without the Directorate X, the games will simply slow down, but it will not bring any pleasure. Ordinary players know that with almost every game on the disk, the current version of DirectX is usually delivered, without which this game will simply not work. Naturally, when installing any game, you must also consider the presence on the computer of the supported Directorate X.Direct X to find out version

How to see the version of DirectX

In fact, finding out which version of API libraries is installed on the computer is very simple.

  • In the Windows search bar we write a command - dxdiag.
  • We open the utility.

Direct X Diagnostic Utility

This is a small diagnostic utility.Directxand version checks.In the program window myy we can see all the information about the system. Current installed output, swap file, amount of RAM, version and rank of system, as well as BIOS firmware.

How to Find Direct X at Windows 7

  • In addition, there is still a wayhow to find out the version of Direct X, to do this, you need to run a classic application Follow out”.
  • You can do this in several ways. In Windows 7, it is on the menu “Start. Or use a key combinationWinkey + R (for any Windows operating systems).

Winkey - this is the “home” key, usually marked with a logoWindovs.

  • In the application window that opens, enter the command to start the diagnosis of Direct X.

Running the Directorate X diagnostic utility through the Run command

Windows 10 Verification of Directorate X

And you can also find out which DirectX is installed in the system through the command line console. You can run it in many ways. In the latest versions of Windows 10, for example, the easiest way to do this is through the “Start“on which you want to execute the right click, and select in the listWindowsPowershell. Then enter our treasured team in the console to launch the Direct X diagnostic utility.

Watching Direct X in Windows 8

Diagnostic Launch Teamdxdiagin Windows 8 operating systems, you can open as follows:

  • We go to the start screen, then click on the down arrow to open a list of all applications, and here in the search bar and write our team.

You can also check the release using third-party software, for example, using the program AIDA64 or Everest. Both programs are from one developer and are almost identical. Of all the possible functions and capabilities that they possess, there you can also see which version of the X-Direct is installed on the computer.Learn the version of Direct X through third-party

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