Configuring DirectX Components

Even the best computer components at some point tend to become obsolete. At the same time, the requirements for programs and games are constantly growing. And if the technical upgrade of the PC for a number of reasons is not available to everyone, then the ability to configure the components of the system for better performance is always present. DirectX is a set of libraries that determine the interaction of the computer with the video adapter. Many users want to improve the quality of the picture or raise the frame rate for any game without replacing iron. A logical idea in such a situation will be a change in the parameters of the X-Direct. But with this task, everything is not so clear.

Change in Direct X settings in various versions of Windows

It is worth understanding that direct DirectX configuration is only possible for Windows XP. After all, there it is a separate component of the system. For older versions of the OS, the change in graphic parameters is performed through a utility that is delivered with the driver to the video card.

Configuring Windows XP

With Windows XP, everything is relatively simple. Microsoft has released a special utility that is embedded in the Control Panel and acts as a separate component for customization. Its name is DirectX Control Panel 9.0c. Installation instructions:

  1. Unleash the downloaded archive into an empty folder. There will be two files for the OS of different discharges. Transfer the desired to the system32 folder, which is located in the Windows system section of the local disk. It is also possible that there will be one document in the archive with the extension cpl and one notebook file.

    Folder with files for transfer in XP Explorer

    Also, just transfer them to the specified folder.

    Transfer Windows XP Files

  2. Now from the menu “Start” click on the button “Control Panel”.XP Control Panel
  3. If the DirectX Control Panel0c element appears there, then open it.

    New item in Control Panel

    Otherwise, the utility must be started manually from the system32 folder.

It will be possible to increase game performance by changing the only parameter. It is located in the Direct Draw section. Deactivate Use Hardware Acceleration (translated into Russian – “Use hardware acceleration”), and then apply the settings.Microsoft has long abandoned the full support of Windows XP. Therefore, only key system components are stored on its servers. But additional programs, including for setting the X-Direct, will not be available from the official website. Therefore, use third-party resources to download the desired utility. It is worth trusting only authoritative sites and pre-checking executable files for viruses.

Windows Vista System Settings

As it became clear, in operating systems, starting from Windows Vista, there is no component for changing the parameters of Dyrekt X. The mode of operation of the video card in the computer is adjusted using special utilities. For Nvidia, this is the GeForce Experience, which is installed on a PC with a driver. The Nvidia Control Panel is also used.

Change the parameters of the graphical adapter in Win 10

And for AMD, its name is Catalyst Control Center. Find all the components on the official websites of manufacturers:

  • For AMD –
  • For Nvidia –

Accordingly, the settings for the operation of the video card as a whole, as well as the parameters for each application individually are set precisely with their

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