DirectX Diagnostic Tool

DirectX Diagnostic Tool is a built-in system utility that displays detailed information about the components and devices connected to the computer. Windows XP additionally has the ability to make changes with it.

Utility Call

Call the utility for all versions of Windows, starting with XP, the same. Open the program “Follow out” using the Win + R key combination. Insert in the text box dxdiag and confirm the input.

DirectX Diagnostic Call

Windows 8 and 10 have an alternative way to run Direct X Diagnostic Tools. Open the search in the menu “Start” and enter the request again dxdiag. In the list of programs (most likely, there will be only one), select the one you need and run it.

Running the utility in Win 10 via Search in Start

Feasibility Analysis

When starting, a notification of the signature verification mode for programs may appear. The user is invited to turn it on or off. Select the first item, then the displayed information will be more complete. A utility for collecting computer information will be needed for a while.

Collect PC information in DirectX Diagnostic Tool

And here it all depends on its technical characteristics and the OS: on a modern PC running Windows 10, waiting for the launch of DirectX diagnostics will be inconspicuous. And under weaker computers, the process can drag on for a minute. There is a certain difference in the capabilities of dxdiag for Windows XP and older operating systems. For Vista, “seven”, “eight” and “tens” there is no possibility of changing more parameters that were previously present.

Opportunities for Vista and Senior OS

The utility includes four tabs. The first contains general information about the computer, including the supported version of DirectX. The second contains detailed information about the video adapter and the monitor connected to it. The third tab is related to the components of sound. And in the fourth you can see all the input devices, their status and related information.

Type DirectX Diagnostic Tools

Features for Wing XP

In addition to viewing computer information, using dxdiag you can configure the parameters of audio and video adapters. There is also the ability to track their condition and

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