The video card does not support DirectX 11 what to do

The DirectX component is responsible for processing graphics in the video card and displaying the image on the monitor. At the moment, he is mainly involved in games. Many modern titles require the DirectX 11 library to launch. If it is not in the system, then an appropriate error will occur.

DirectX 11 Compatibility

The installation of this component is possible for Microsoft operating systems no younger than Windows 7. In this case, the graphic adapter must support it. For modern computers, the issue of compatibility is not worth it in this case. But with old PCs there may be problems. You can find out which video cards support DirectX 11 on the manufacturer’s official website. In the game solutions segment, two companies predominate: AMD and Nvidia. In the line of devices of each of them there are models compatible with the eleventh version of Dyrekt X. But the information needs to be clarified in the technical characteristics of a particular device. Accordingly, first you need to find out the model of the video adapter installed in the computer. The order of action will be the same for all operating systems (starting with Windows 7):

  1. Run the dialog box “Follow out” from the Start or by pressing Win + R at the same time.Run the Run from the Start menu dialog box
  2. Enter in the text box msinfo32 and click on the confirmation button.Call msinfo32 in the Run dialog boxA window of detailed information about the system will appear.
  3. Unlock “Components”.
  4. In it, click on the item “Display”.
  5. Information about the video card connected to the PC will open. In the window you can find out its model and manufacturer.Information about the video card in the utility msinfo32

Now open the manufacturer’s page on the Internet and find the specifications of the desired device.Search for a video card in the Windows Browser 7In particular, DirectX 11 support. If everything is in order with this item, then there will be no error with the initialization of the component when the game starts.

Lack of support

What if the video card does not support the Directorate X of the eleventh version? Unfortunately, the problem cannot be solved with any programmatic tricks. Compatibility is directly related to the technical component. Therefore, it remains only to refuse to work in applications requiring this component, or to update the video

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