Internal system error when installing DirectX

“Directx internal system error” – a large number of ordinary users of a personal computer meet with this error. And almost every one of them does not know what to do. There are many reasons, most of them are elementary. For example, a person tries to install Direct 12 on Windows 7, although the compatibility of this utility is only suitable for the very last, tenth Window.

DirectX Installation – An Internal System Error Has occurred

If you throw off absurd options, then the problem can be easily solved. First you need to inspect the installation file of the Directorate itself. There is a chance that he is simply “beat” and cannot be established correctly. There is also an option with the presence of a virus that does not allow the utility to reach the end of the installation. In this case, delete the unnecessary file, go to the official website of the Directorate and download the desired version from there.vnutrennyaya-sistemnaya-oshibka-pri-ustanovke-directxNow you need to look at the bitiness of the Windows system – another common error of ordinary users. The battle may be x64 and x86, there is still x32, but this is already too outdated. As a result, you need to install the utility with that bitterness, as well as your operating system. If this is not done, then it simply can never install on such a computer.

A few more key options

In addition to two main options, there is a chance that the following interferes with the installation:

  • Antivirus may interfere with the installation of the Directorate. It can block some segments during direct installation on a PC, so to get around this problem, you just need to turn it off. Also, sometimes an antivirus blocks the installation file while downloading to a computer, in which case the file must be found in the “Quarantine” department and restored;
  • CCleaner is a utility that cleanses your operating system of accumulated garbage. Many experienced users advise using her or other similar program before installing the Directorate. The process can be carried out in just a few clicks;


  • There is another rare option. You simply do not have enough rights to install on this PC. To do this, just right-click on the icon and select “Start on behalf of the administrator. It may also apply to the profile you entered during the launch of Windows. Some of them are considered guest and do not have the rights of the administrator as a whole.

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