Where is the key on the Win keyboard

Often in instructions from the Internet to solving computer problems, there is a mention of keyboard shortcuts. For example, it can be Ctrl + C, which copies the selected fragment to the clipboard. Sometimes the action is called through the Win button. But where is she?

Button Location

The Win key on the keyboard, if it is standard, has two. The first can be found in the lower left corner, between Alt and Ctrl. And the second is located approximately in the middle below. The operating system logo should be drawn on this button.Win key on the Screen KeyboardSolitary pressing it will cause a menu “Start”. And on Windows 8 the new Metro tile interface will open. But the question where the Win button on the keyboard is usually related to keyboard shortcuts. For example, if you press it simultaneously with D, then all the programs will curl up and the desktop will open.Note: on some keyboards, this button is present in a single copy. The same applies to most laptop models. Key Windows in such cases will be from below.

Pressing the key with the virtual keyboard

There is an option how to press Win R on the keyboard without using a physical device. Its essence is that the key combination will be activated using virtual input. The on-screen keyboard is included in the list of special features of Windows. This function is convenient to activate through a search in the Start. Enough to find an element “Ekran keyboard”.Launch of the on-screen keyboard from StartThis can also be done from the Control Panel. Open “Center for Special Opportunities”, there will be the right tool.Special Features Center in the Control PanelOn Windows 10, it is called “Turn on the screen …”.Enabling virtual input from the Special Features CenterThe Win key on the virtual keyboard is also placed between Ctrl and Alt.Win physical keyboard locationPress it, and then R. Then a window will appear “Follow out”. Other hotkeys are also called in a similar way.@top-advice.ru

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