How to update DirectX

Who at least once installed some game on the computer, noticed that along with the game on the disk there is usually another mysterious program, more precisely the DirectX utility. What is it and what is it eaten with? Surprisingly, without it, the game does not work, respectively, it is necessary to install it. In simple terms, DirectX is a set of libraries of finished functions, or a package of functions for normal multimedia operation. More precisely, for the correct operation of 3D games and applications, developed by Microsoft.Microsoft Directorate XWithout the current version of the X-Director, no more, or less normal modern game can work adequately. Accordingly, for the operation of the games, you need to update DirectX or install if it is not. As the discs gradually fly away, and more and more, players download games through torrents and on sites. Not always with the game in the package is the latest version of the X-Direct.

Update DirectX on the computer

To download or update the Directorate x, You need to visit the official Microsoft website.

Download Direct X

It is highly recommended to download DirectX on any third-party sites, it is highly likely to acquire an evil virus, along with the API package.

  • Before updating the Ix Directorate, on the download page, select the language and click “Download.

Download Direct X to computer

  • Then there will be a window with an offer to download and install an additional package of programs and utilities, click “Refuse and continue.
  • The installation file will be loaded onto the local disk. It must be started by double-clicking on the program icon, or by performing the right click with the mouse, and in the context menu that drops out, select “Open.

Installing Wizard Direct X

  • As always, we accept the terms of the license agreement.

Terms of License Agreement Directorate X

  • In the next window, it is recommended to remove the label from the “Installing the Bing Panel.
  • Next, you need to wait a bit, since the installation wizard will check the version installed X Direct on our computer.
  • Then you need to confirm your consent to install a set of libraries and wait for the installation to complete.

After which a message appears that a newer current version of the X-Direct is

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