How to uninstall DirectX

According to Microsoft developers, the DirectX library set, after installing them on the computer, cannot be completely deleted. So how same delete directx on Windows 10, and other earlier operating systems, if there were any problems? Let’s try to explain in plain language, directx – This is such an environment that is installed in Windows in order to adequately work 3D applications. This mainly concerns, of course, 3D games. Once installed in Windows, the direct x program is firmly fixed in the system, and it is no longer possible to completely remove it without residues. At the same time, there are several options when you can solve the problem with typing API libraries, for example, if after installing the next update with this set of libraries problems arise. One of them is the Windows rollback after an unsuccessful update of directx.Delete DirectX from computer completely

System recovery

One option to remove directx on Windows 7 and other operating systems is to incompletely remove the X direct, and Windows rollback to an earlier state when the update has not yet been installed, if it caused a problem (this happens).

  • To execute system rollback to Windows 7 go to “Control Panel.
  • Next, open the section “System and security.
  • Here we need the item “Archiving and restoration.
  • We select the recovery point when there was no problem and restore the system.

Removing direct X using third-party software

The second option for removing direct x requires the installation of third-party software. Actually, you need to download a special program, and with its help already make removal. One of these utilities is DirectX happy Uninstall, You can download it online.

  • Download the application, install it.

With this seemingly straightforward program, you can back up the X-enesties. With this backup, in fact, then restore it, install the current version, if it is not, and of course delete it. The utility does not have a Russian-language interface, but it is not needed for the removal procedure. In the program window, everything is quite simple and intuitive.

DirectX Removal Program

  • When you click on the ” buttonUgive directxwe need to familiarize ourselves with the warning, which says that in case of problems with the X-enesties, in most cases they can be solved in other ways without resorting to the removal of the program.

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