What DirectX does the graphics card support?

The question of supporting the latest version of DirectX video adapter, of course, is most of all concerned about computer game lovers. This is understandable, because the higher the version of the X-Direct is installed on the computer, the better the game will be displayed. But possessing a powerful video adapter is not enough, it is important which operating system is installed. Since the announcement of Windows 10, the leading developers in the video game market, of course, immediately announced the full support of the new API, that is, Direct X 12.Which Directorate X supports video card

New Revolutionary Standard DirectX 12

To sort out a bit of the question, which video adapters will work with DirectX 12. Nvidia clarified the situation – for various equipment, depending on the year of manufacture, collateral will be provided at different levels. They correspond to different levels of hardware and software support. That is, a low level for video cards of 2012-2014 release and a high level for video adapters of this year. It is not clear why such a distribution, although there is an option that old adapters could not provide full support because of their weak hardware.Directorate X 12What does Directorate X 12 give us, and in what magical way will it be able to increase PC productivity by 20-30 %? For game developers, this is such an instruction for the system under which they write this game. That is, DirectX 12 is more understandable than, for example, DirectX 11. And because of this, a more dense interaction with the system and the iron. So potentially, in front of a programmer or game developer, more opportunities and room for creating games are opened.

Support Direct X Video Card

And of course, many people care about how to find out which Directorate X supports the video card. Nvidia with the release of its top video card geforce gtx 980 ti revealed cards about Direct X 12. So, all video adapters on maxwell 2 will receive full support.  Namely – gtx 980, Titan X, 980ti, 970, 960. Pain early releases, up to the 500th series line will work with Direct X 12 only at the basic level. As for the versions below, whether it be 400, 300, the series, then Nvidia is hinting, as if your vidyukha is out of date.Directorate X 12 поддержка видеокартFor AMD, there will also be three levels, the highest level will be AMD GCN 1.2. He will be supported by the latest released video cards. The average level will have Radeon cards from 260 to 290. And the lowest level is for cards of 200 and 7000 series.@top-advice.ru

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