Bluetooth в Windows 10

Bluetooth allows you to transfer data between different devices, as well as connect the periphery to a PC without wires. For example, with it you can synchronize wireless headphones with a laptop. But first you need to Windows 10 Bluetooth turn on. The article is devoted to this issue.

The bluetooth module is originally built into almost all modern laptops. Sometimes a button or slider is present on the body to activate it. And for a personal computer you can purchase a special adapter, it is smaller than a flash drive. Accordingly, the first step is the hardware connection of bluetooth.

Turn on bluetooth

Now you can move on to setting up the system. You need to open the device manager. To do this, go to the “Management Panel” (one of the context menu items Win + X). Turn on the display of categories, then – “Equipment and sound – Devices and printers.


In the window find the one you need Bluetooth adapter and turn it on. It can be in the “Other devices” section. If nothing is displayed, then look at the bug fix item.

bluetooth in Windows 10

A connection icon appears in the tray, click on it PCM and configure synchronization with other devices.

Verification Bluetooth

Usually if bluetooth on Windows 10 activated, then in the tray there is a corresponding icon. If it is absent, then most likely the function is disabled. You can activate it in the system parameters (Win + I), section “Devices.


Notebook Owners Recommendation: It is advisable to deactivate Bluetooth, when it is not used. The fact is that the battery is taken into a simple function, as a result, the laptop will run out faster.


Possible errors

Most often, problems arise with drivers for Bluetooth modules. This applies to owners of laptops and computers with built-in communications of this type. Find the right drivers on the manufacturer’s official website.

check if bluetooth is included on Windows 10

It also happens that the connection does not work on the laptop due to its disconnection on the device body. Usually there is a special slider with an inscription, it must be put in a position On or “On.

If the problems with bluetooth are an adapter, then try reconnecting it to another connector USB, preferably in the one located on the motherboard (on the back of the PC).

Sometimes a problem can be solved by routinely restarting the computer. It is worth trying this way.

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