Firewall Windows 10

Brandmauer Windows 10 serves to protect the system from network threats. This is a built-in firewall that tracks Internet traffic, not only incoming, but also outgoing. Based on the recommendations of the system and the user’s settings, he can block connections that are considered unsafe.


The firewall itself is very useful. But he is far from always able to distinguish safe traffic from dangerous. Often it happens that the wrong connections are blocked, which leads to a number of problems. It will be logical to turn off the Win 10 firewall in such a situation. Deactivate the element will be in two ways. The first will require command line manipulation. In the second case, the configuration will be performed through the Control Panel.

1 Method: Command Line

The command line is a text console where you can enter various requests. With it, you can change almost any intrasystem settings for Windows 10.Uncover the full list of Start programs. Scroll to the very end and select a folder “Office – Windows.Windows Service on Start MenuThere is an element in it “Command line”. Click on it PCM and activate the option “Start on behalf of …”, find it will work out in the section “Additionally”.Enabling Command Line from Start MenuEnter the following command in the console:netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state offNote: in previous versions Windows direct copying of commands to the console was impossible. But in the “ten” this function is present. Therefore, it is enough to insert the request into the text box, rather than print it from the keyboard. Then you need to click Enter.A message about the success of actions will immediately appear. Then copy the following request:netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state onCommand Line CommandsIt is recommended that you close the service of the same name after that. To do this, open the dialog box “Follow out” and put a team in there services.msc. Find a service with a name “Brandmauer Windows and deactivate it.Note: if you run the command line through the program “Follow out”, then an error will be reported in response to the input of requests. This is due to the fact that the console must be opened with the privileges of the administrator, otherwise it is impossible to make changes.

2 Method: Control Panel

In Wing 10, turning off the firewall will also be possible using the Control Panel. For ten owners without Creators Update, this item is easier to call. It is enough to click PCM on the Start icon and click on the corresponding item. The same menu can be called using Win + X hotkeys. Unfortunately, in the later versions of the operating system (starting from 1703) this possibility was removed. But there is always a search function. To call her, press Win + Q. Enter the phrase in the search box “panel” and run the item from the category “Best Compliance”.Search Control PanelNow you need to switch the view of the Control Panel to the classic version. It is done through a pop-up list “View”. There, choose the option “Large badges”. At the very beginning is an element “Brandmauer Windows, click on it LKM.Firewall in Control PanelIn the left block of the window, click on the line “Turning on and off”. In this menu, you can turn off the firewall from Microsoft. The setting is carried out for two network profiles individually. Remember to keep the

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