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In previous versions Windows There were various widgets with which you could decorate the desktop or make it more functional. Unfortunately, in the latest edition of the operating system Microsoft refused their support. But there are special programs with which you can restore the functions of gadgets and put, for example, a watch on the desktop Windows 10.

Utility Gadgets Revived

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This utility is distributed completely free of charge. Previously, it must be installed on the computer. During the installation process, the system will offer a language selection. Then the user just has to click “Further.

clock on the wine desktop 10

When the program is installed, you can proceed to the widget setting. It integrates into the operating system, so a separate setting is not required. Minimize all windows and open the desktop. In the free area, click PCM. Among all the points a new one will appear – Gadgets, open it. A window of various widgets will appear that were present at Windows 7. Among all the pictures, find the watch, and then drag it onto the main screen. That’s it, now they will be displayed when the computer starts on the desktop.

вбираем clock on the wine desktop 10

Utility features completely repeat widget functions in Windows 7. If you do not have enough standard set of blocks, then you can download new ones from the official website of the program – Scroll through the page until you find an interesting element, download it to your computer and install it. Here, for example, is a Ferrari watch – The site will be able to find many other elements with which it will be possible to transform the appearance of the Windows home screen.

Ferrari hours on the

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