Which is better Windows 8 or 10

Since the introduction of Windows 8, it has almost immediately acquired ardent haters and gained a reputation as a failed operating system. Only Vista could compare with it in the number of negative reviews, and even the revised version of Windows 8.1 did not save the situation. Windows 8, like 8.1 was oriented primarily to touch screens and it was extremely difficult to control it on a stationary computer. A starter screen in the Metro style (by the way, a very interesting solution), but I liked, unfortunately, not many. The “Start” button is, in general, a separate conversation, users, as if deprived of something very important and necessary. Those who risked updating to the eight, avalanche-like, rolled the system back to the stable familiar Windows 7. Comparing both operating systems, Windows 8 or 10definitely, you can say, Vin 10 is better. At first glance, it, of course, looks like an eight, but this is just a seeming resemblance. She absorbed all the best from Windows 8 and Windows 7.What is better than Windows 8 or Windows 10

Positive sides of Windows 10

  • In an uncompromising dispute with Windows 8 vs Windows 10undoubtedly, the leader is “ten. Finally, a really good, and most importantly, fast and functional, built-in Edge browser has appeared in the OS, replacing the morally outdated and extremely slow Internet Explorer.

New Edge on Windows 10

  • There was an opportunity to work with virtual tables, which earlier in the Windows family, without using third-party programs, was impossible to do. It is very convenient to use one table for work, another for entertainment.
  • The “Start” button, of course, is in the top ten, and much more ergonomical than in early releases, tiles can be swapped, create groups of applications and place them in folders, change the size of tiles. Live tiles look very interesting. True to change and in real time show some information without starting the utility, only application tiles from the store can. Third-party programs are displayed simply as a folder, by clicking on which you can easily run an application.
  • Kortan’s voice assistant appeared, for some reason in most regions it is not yet available, in Russia either. This is due to the difficulties of translating and integrating Cortana into language and culture. But we hope that Kortana will soon speak Russian, at least work is underway in this direction, according to unofficial sources. It is unlikely that Microsoft will bypass the great and mighty.

Cortana in Windows 10

  • Free OneDrive Cloud Service, where you can save any information if necessary to reinstall the system or for quick access to working documents from anywhere where you have access to the World Wide Web.
  • Notification Center is quick access to most settings. To events on social networks, mail, and many other, very useful functions.

How good Windows 10 is compared to the eight can be said endlessly, the speed of loading, a huge number of a wide variety of functions that amaze the imagination. With each new update, the dozen gets even more buns that satisfy the requests of even the most demanding users.@top-advice.ru

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