What is OneDrive in Windows 10

One Drive – service for remote storage of data from Microsoft. Its advantage is that the files are on the server and do not take up space on the computer’s hard drive. In this case, the user always has the ability to access them. This service is integrated into the operating system, does not require additional installation.

Features of OneDrive

Now we will analyze in more detail the possibilities of the built-in cloud storage program. B Windows 10 no local version One Drive, The tool integrates into all file managers installed on the computer. The application performance depends on the login option. If you have a local user profile, then it will not function. Authorization is required through the Microsoft account.

onedrive what is in wine 10


In Explorer Windows there is a separate folder One Drive. You can move any documents there, create catalogs and edit their names. All changes will affect the remote storage server.

The data transfer method is extremely simple. Take the desired document and copy it to the regular storage folder. This directory is constantly synchronized with the web server. Accordingly, the data is uploaded to the service. Unused files are deleted from local access. This is a way to increase free space on a computer. To use them, you will need to download Windows 10 from the storage server.


One Drive there is a client for mobile devices. Go to the application under the Microsoft account and you will get the ability to manage all the data from the full-time catalog. This also applies to other computers and laptops.

It is worth understanding that the cloud storage has limited free space for downloading data. It can be expanded if you purchase a subscription. There are monthly and annual design options.

expand memory in onedrive to win 10

Windows 10 Onedrive there is the ability to send files to another user by transferring a link to download them. Download the document from any device connected to the Internet. Open the cloud storage folder, select the file you want, click on it PCM and click on “Share the link. A page on which you can download the file is copied to the clipboard. It remains to simply forward the link to any person.


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