What is Xbox in Windows 10 and how to remove it

Sometimes when starting a game on Windows 10 in the expanded version you can see a small green strip with inscriptions. This element Xbox Dvr – A built-in utility designed to capture images and sound from the screen.

Xbox on Windows 10

With it, you can record audio and video of the gameplay, broadcast it and take screenshots. And the service itself is a platform for synchronizing game data with a PC and a console Microsoft. Achievements, friends list, community will be stored there Live and similar data. This is briefly about what is Xbox to Windows 10.

On the one hand, the application is very convenient, since it is built into the OS and replaces many third-party programs. And on the other hand, it takes away computer resources, reducing its productivity.

The fact is that in standard mode it continuously records the video of the gameplay so that it can always save the epic passage. The utility hangs in RAM, spends processor resources, and also loads the hard drive. All this leads to the fact that the computer is slower. And the weaker its technical characteristics, the more noticeable will be the decline in productivity.Xbox in Windows 10 Dasech Manager

As it became clear, the application has a number of cons. Therefore, if it is not used, then the best way out is to deactivate Dvr Xbox Windows 10. But instead, you can disable part of its functions. Both of these features are presented in the following sections of the article.

Program deletion

The easiest way is not to disconnect the service, but to completely remove it from the computer. The advantage of this method is its simplicity. Everything is done in just a few steps. And if Xbox you will need it again, you can install it at any time.

But you should understand that the program is integrated into the operating system. Therefore, its uninstallation by basic methods is simply impossible. Service must be used Powershell. It is in the tab of all the programs of the “Start” menu. An alternative way to find it is to use the search. The utility must be run with administrative rights.Windows PowerShell with Administrator Rights

Insert the following line into the console:

Get-AppxPackage * xbox * Ľ Remove-AppxPackage

This command is designed to delete the service. Everything happens in the background, so the uninstallation is invisible to the user. Make sure you manage to remove the Xbox Win 10, you can start the game. If a green rectangle does not appear, then the operation is completed successfully.

Uninstall standard applications Windows will be able to CCleaner, this applies to Xbox. This utility is a multifunctional computer cleaning tool.Xbox removal using CCleaner


The delete operation is returnable. Now consider the recovery method. To complete it, you will need an Internet connection and a valid account Microsoft.

Open the store Windows in the “Start” menu or on the taskbar.Application Store in Windows 10

There you need to find Xbox. To download it, you will need to log in to the account Microsoft. The application will be the first in the search engine, click the install button. You will need re-authorization when starting.Installing Xbox on Windows 10

Reduced resource consumption

Run the program Xbox (the easiest way to do this is through a search in the “Start” menu). Log in using Microsoft profile registration data. Now open the service settings. There is a point “Dvr for games, ”click on it.Game DVR Settings in Windows 10

You will be transferred to the “DVR for games” section in the system parameter settings. In this section, you can configure the application so that it does not record the frames of the game process, or turn it off completely. This will significantly reduce the load on the computer, increasing its productivity.

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