Windows 10 Device Manager

Device Manager is a component of many versions of Microsoft operating systems that displays all hardware connections to the computer. In it you can see the model of the installed processor, video card, related technical data, as well as external devices and the state of their operability.


There are many ways to open devices for Win 10 dispatcher. The simplest, according to many users, are these two:

  1. In the title section of the conductor – “This computer” – click PCM on the free area and select “Properties”.

    Context menu of the section This computer

    In the left block of the opened window there is the desired item.

  2. PCM icon “Start” and graph selection Device Manager.

    Call Device Manager Chere Context menu

    The same context menu can be called when you click Win + X.

Work with the Device Manager

The Device Manager window consists of a toolbar on top and a list of computer components categorized. PCM for any item will cause a context menu that includes four items. The first two are responsible for working with the device driver. The third column updates its condition. Selecting the fourth item will open the properties window. The novice user is advised to make any changes through him. The first section of the properties displays the general state of the component and its performance. The main settings of the Windows 10 Device Manager are entered in the category “Driver”.

Section Driver in Device Manager

For example, if an external webcam is not functioning correctly, then you should choose “Delete device”, and then restart the system. From there, you can update the driver of the connected gadget with the corresponding button. Specify the path to the folder with the installation file and confirm the choice. The utility stores information about all devices ever connected to the computer, and not just about those that are currently functioning. Just invalid items are hidden. What if you need to delete or update the driver for one of them?Display hidden components in the Device Manager Wing 10 is included in the menu “View” on the toolbar.

Display hidden components in the Device Manager

At any time, this function can be deactivated, it is enough to uncheck the corresponding item in the context

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