Windows 10 lock screen

The lock screen appears in the Windows 10 account inlet, for which the password is set, when exiting it, as well as when switching to sleep mode. Accordingly, this element is quite common when operating a computer, if it was not specially configured.

Item setup

Most often, users want to change it picture on the lock screen Windows 10. The “ten” has many interface settings, including such an opportunity. All changes are made from the menu “Personalization”.To call it, click on the keyboard shortcut Win + I and select the corresponding item.

Personalization in System Parameters

In the left block from the list, open the tab “Locking screen”. Find a point there “Fon”, for him there are three possible parameters: interesting, photo and slide shows.

Choosing a background for Lock Screen

If you activate the first, the system will independently select images for the lock screen. The user can also set it manually by activating the option “Photo”.If you activate it, a system library of pictures will appear. But instead of them you can use your own frame, for this click “Review” and point the way to the desired element.

Photo Overview in Personalization Options

In this case, the image will be static. But you can configure a regular change of photos as well, this function is given by the mode Slide Show. For him, you need to prepare several frames, put them in one folder, and then add it to the general list. Change of pictures will be configured from the menu “Additional parameters …”.

Additional slideshow options for lock screen

Also in the menu of the lock screen settings, you can specify a list of programs for which notifications will be displayed. For one, everything will be displayed in detail, for the rest – in a short format. Moreover, their total number is limited to 8 applications. A slightly lower is the parameter point, from which you can set the delay before switching to the logscreen or completely disable this possibility.

The problem “Some parameters are hidden …”

Sometimes when setting up an element, it is indicated that some of the parameters of the lock screen in Windows 10 are hidden. There may be a receipt that your organization controls them. It looks strange if you do not have a corporate computer, but a home one. In this case, you need to disable the logscreen to configure the logscreen. And you can do this in two ways: setting up the registry and setting up group policy. Moreover, the second option is available only for holders of Windows 10 Professional, in other versions of the OS this possibility is blocked.

Option 1: Registry Settings

This method is easy to execute, but it does not always work. You must open the registry editor. To do this, search for a menu “Start” write the phrase regedit and start the same item from the list. Now click PCM on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and from the drop-down menu select the item “Find…”.

Search in Registry Editor

In write to the search bar Nolockscreen and click “Find”. As a result, a graph with the same name appears on the right side of the window, it must be deleted. Then reboot the PC and again open the locking screen parameters. All the elements on it will become active, you can customize them at your discretion. This option may not work, this happens with the owners of the Professional and Corporate version of “ten”. In this case, you should use an alternative.

Option 2: Group Policy Setup

The described method will work for sure, but is not available for all versions of operating systems. Group policy is adjusted as follows:

  1. Open the dialog box “Follow out” using the Win + R button combination.
  2. Run the utility msc.
  3. Open section “Computer configuration and follow the path “Administrative templates – All parameters”.

    Local Group Policy Editor Menu

  4. A list of elements will be displayed on the right side of the window. The first two columns are called “Status”. Sort the second of them.

    Sorting items in gpedit

  5. Redesign items with status “On”, as well “Disabled” on “Not given”. This applies to all graphs.
  6. Do the same for administrative template settings in the section “User Configuration”.

Note: Status “Not given” will not affect the operation of system elements. It only means that Windows will do their configuration, not the

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