Windows 10 paging file

In Windows 10, the swap file allows you to increase computer productivity by partially redistributing the load from the RAM during the operation of resource-intensive processes. This option is still called virtual memory.

Pump Files

In the G8 and subsequent versions of operating systems, in addition to pagefile.sys, another virtual memory file is entered – swapfile.sys. It is also hidden by a system attribute, located in the root directory of the local disk with the installed Windows 10. Their difference is that the first is used to unload conventional programs, and the new one is used for Metro applications. They are also called universal. This change is due to the fact that new applications interact differently with memory. Their status at the last moment of output is loaded into swapfile.sys, from where in the future Metro interface programs can be easily downloaded.


With the differences of the new and old types of virtual memory, everything is clear. Now consider the following question: “How to increase the swap file on Wing 10. Its direct editing does not make sense, this function performs a certain element of the system.

  1. Open the search from the Start, enter the request “performance” and run the only program of the proposed.

    Search for an item in the Start menu

  2. Go to section “Additionally” and click on “Change”.

The option is originally set “Automatically choose …”. In this mode, the system itself determines the size of the file of the Wing 10 pod. If you want to set it manually, then switch the parameter to “Indicate size”, enter the desired numbers, then click on “Hear”.

Manual Windows 10 Virtual Memory Setup

It remains only to confirm the changes. The OS will reconfigure at the next boot.

Important: simply increasing the size of pagefile.sys will not give any noticeable increase in computer performance. A rare user will have enough automatic settings of its volume.

If you want to refuse to use this function, then set the positive value opposite the item “Without file …”, then confirm the action.

Disabling the swap file in Virtual Memory settings

The swap file will only be saved after the PC is rebooted. Until that moment, deleting pagefile.sys will be unavailable, an error will be displayed that it is currently

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