Hibernate Windows 10 (sleep or sleep)

Win 10 has the same guibration as in other operating systems of the Windows line. However, probably not all users know what this mode is intended for, as well as how to turn it off or vice versa – turn it on.

Windows Modes

Traditionally, Windows has three modes:

  • Sleep;
  • Waiting;
  • The hibernation.

sleeping mode windows 10In principle, Waiting and Dream are very similar. In this mode, the computer switches to low energy consumption mode, its monitor is turned off, processes performed in the background mode are suspended. However, all other components continue to work. Operational memory is not even reset. And the work of programs in this mode continues. Only already much less active. In order to get out of Song mode, it will be enough either just to move your mouse or press a key. And “awakening” will happen very quickly – exactly from the very moment when we made the computer “sleep”.The governorate is almost exactly the same. But at the same time, the contents of the RAM are reset and written to a special area of the hard drive. Important files and currently open documents are also reserved on the hard drive. The computer itself is almost completely de-energized. Only the system circuit board battery is running, and a reduced voltage is applied to all other components. And even that – not at all. To exit the hibernation mode, you will need to click on the power on button. And in this case, a return to normal work will occur somewhat longer.

How to manage modes

Often, users need to manage these modes. In the Ten, this is done very simply. It will be necessary to click on: “Start” – “Settings” (six icon) – “System”. Here you select “Food and Sleep mode.gibernaciya-windows-10-spyashhij-rezhim-ili-sonTo implement more advanced settings with modes, you will need to select “Additional Power Settings” at the bottom of the window. And on the left side of the window, point to “Setting the transition to sleep mode”.питание и sleeping mode windows 10You can also experiment with other parameters – the reaction of the PC to pressing the power button, to opening and closing the laptop cover, etc.setting the transition to sleep mode Windows 10

How to disable hibernation in Windows 10

Well, in order to turn off the hibernation mode in general, you can:

  • Call the system console, for example, by pressing the keyboard shortcut win + R;
  • And enter the command: powercfg -h off;
  • Accordingly, if you want to turn on this mode again, we fill: powercfg -h on.

disconnection of hibernation on windows 10In this case, a special system file called Hiberfil.sys is created or deleted. It is in it that all backup data is recorded during the hibernation regime. This file is located in the root system of the disk. And you can prohibit hibernation from the system registry. To do this, in the registry section “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPower” you need to select the files: HiberFileSizePercent and HibernateEnabled. For them, the parameters are chosen alternately: “Change”, and the value 0 is set in value.

Sleep mode – as Microsoft representatives themselves say – it is not recommended to use more than 10 hours. So, if a longer suspension of the operation is required, it is recommended to use hibernation.

Knowing how to turn off the hibernation in win 10 or vice versa – enable it will be possible to more flexibly adapt the settings of this OS “for themselves”.@top-advice.ru

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