How to activate Windows 10

An activated operating system is originally on a new computer or laptop. But when reinstalling the OS, a license confirmation will be required. There are two simple ways to activate Wing 10: official and using third-party software.

The official way

This method is suitable for people who have an activation key for a specific version. You can officially register the key in two ways: online and by phone.

Online option

This method will require an active Internet connection. Click PCM on the menu “Search“, enter”System“and open.

activation windows 10 online search bar

Below the window is the “button”Change Product Key“, press her. Insert the license code into the form that appears and wait for its activation.

change Windows 10 keykey entry in Windows 10 online

By phone

If there is no Internet connection on the computer, but you have a license key, then the activation procedure can be performed by phone. U Microsoft there are free numbers, so you don’t have to pay for the connection.

First you need to specify the key as described in the first paragraph. Then click Win + R and enter the command “slui 4. A free call number will be displayed, as well as a digital sequence. Call the public or mobile phone and act exactly with the instructions of the answering machine.

activation by phone

Kms activator

How to activate Win 10 if there is no license code? For this, there are special programs from third-party developers. There are quite a few, but especially stand out Kmsauto Net. This is one of the best utilities of its kind. It is distinguished by its versatility and ease of use, any user will deal with it. To run the program is required NET Framework. If an error occurs, download this component to your computer.

KMS Windows Activator 10

To activate Windows most preferably use Kmsauto NET. The utility is extremely simple, everything is done in a few clicks. For experienced users, there is ample customization. It is completely free, there is no advertising, suitable for all editions of the operating system.

KMS Windows Activator 10 информация о системе

The essence of the utility is that it has many ways to activate, and in automatic mode it is the one that fits the specific situation for your computer.

Using the program

Now briefly review its use. Installation is not required, it is a portable version. It is enough to start the executable file on behalf of the Administrator. The main program window with several buttons will appear. Click on “Activation. The program in automatic mode will choose the best way. Wait for the process to end and restart the computer. Open againKmsauto and on the “Information” button, make sure that the actions taken are successful.

start KMS activator

Then it is advisable to enable automatic bypass of the license check. To do this, put Kmsservice. This is the name of a special service that redirects the license key fidelity request from Microsoft servers to a local machine. If greatly simplified, it convinces the computer that the system code is registered, although in reality this is not so.

To do this, open the “System“there click on”Set KmsService“and wait for the process to end. Now there will be no problems with the license.

Configuring KMS Activator

Activation sometimes Windows can fly off, then it will be necessary to re-do all the above actions. Instead, you can configure “Scheduler Windows»In the program settings. He himself will regularly update licensing.

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