How to update drivers on Windows 10

There are many programs on the network for installing and updating device drivers for Windows 10. This is a third-party software with which you can easily and quickly update the Wing 10 driver on a computer. Such programs independently scan the system for the absence of a driver, any connected device, and for updating outdated drivers. Installing drivers is the primary task of the user when reinstalling the system, because without the necessary driver, the device simply will not work. But updates to already installed drivers are also important, since with each new release, software developers for a particular device correct errors in previous versions. Close vulnerabilities and try in every possible way to increase device productivity through a new update.Win 10 Driver UpdateTherefore, periodically you need to update the drivers of Wing 10.

Driver Update Programs

In order not to get lost in the sea of software offers for updating drivers, we have compiled a list of current programs, with a small description, pros and cons of each program.

Driverpack solution

And the leader of our hit parade is Driverpack solution. The program is a powerful tool with which you can download and install missing drivers, update existing ones, install third-party software, for example, browsers, torrents, clients of managers and much more. With automatic maintenance, the utility itself downloads and installs all the necessary software. But you can also switch to the manual method and select the programs, utilities and drivers that you would like to install.DriverPack Solution for updating Windows 10 driversFrom the pros, the program is completely free, it can work even without connecting to the Internet. In this case, you need to download the 12 GB package to a flash drive or disk, and already install all the necessary software on a computer on which there is no connection to the network. It has a simple and understandable Russian-language interface. Of the cons, the Off-line version weighs quite a lot, which may turn out to be a problem with limited traffic or with limited Internet speed. And also with automatic maintenance, this program for updating drivers for Windows 10, as already written above, itself pumps you both what you need and what is not needed as part of a partnership program. And so that after the service does not remove the excess, loading system of the software, the problem can be solved by switching to the extended mode, where you can cancel the download and installation of all unnecessary.

Driver booster

The very good Driver Booster program also scans the system and installs drivers and third-party software. But unlike the previous program, she does not know how to work without the Internet. The utility is paid, but has a trial period when you can use it, although with speed limits in downloading and installing software. Pretty stylish default interface in black. In Russian.Driver Booster Window 10 Driver UpdateOf the cons, this is a correspondingly limited time – the trial period when updating the drivers of Wing 10 can be set free of charge. And the associated software from the developer company, which can settle in your computer with inattentive work with the program. Using this tool, you can create backups, restore old versions of drivers from a previously created recovery point and restore the system when drivers are installed incorrectly. Correct various errors with the network, incorrect resolution caused by the installation of the video driver and much more.

Device doctor

Another good Device Doctor tool that you can use to upgrade the Wing 10 driver. The utility automatically scans the system and updates outdated drivers. The program is conditionally free, that is, its main functions work in the Free version, but more advanced PCs for recovery and fine tuning are already available in the PRO version. And also from the shortcomings, the program does not have a Russian-language interface.Window 10 Device Doctor Driver Utility

Unknown Device Identifier

This utility will help more when the system cannot determine the device. A simple and convenient program, does not require installation, just run an exe file. By scanning the system, a list of all connected devices will appear. With Unknown Device Identifier, you can download the missing driver you need.Defining and searching for a device driver for Windows 10This is just a negligible part of the programs available in the public domain. Each of which has as many advantages as

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