How to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10

Microsoft, in the first year after the release of the Windows 10 operating system, launched an unprecedented campaign to upgrade all computers for free under the direction of Windows 7 and Windows 8. The idea of a free update is to introduce a new product to as many users as possible. At the end of the promotion, even adherents of the “seven” or 8, it was already difficult to refuse the update. The first issues, of course, had some flaws and errors. But, after the release of several large updates, such as Anniversary Update and Creators Update, the system has become much more stable, apart from any interesting buns for designers, and the possibilities of augmented reality.How to upgrade Window 8 to Window 10It would seem that at the end of the promotional period, getting a product for free will not work. And users who for some reason could not, or did not want to update for free, while it was possible, would have to buy Windows 10. But, Microsoft has left the ability to update computers for users with disabilities for free. Get Windows 8 Update to Windows 10, in such an absolutely legal way, you can on the official Microsoft website.

How to go for free from Windows 8 to Windows 10

This method is completely legal and free. It is enough on the update page to confirm that you are conditionally “disabled” and forward, download the utility for updating, and, in fact, are updated. It’s not worth asking yourself a question, is it ethical?! We want to reassure you. We use only those opportunities that Microsoft itself kindly provides us with. Naturally, no documentary evidence of whether the user really has limited capabilities is required.

  • We follow the link and click “Update now.
  • The utility will load on the computer, it must be started with a double click.
  • After that, the utility scans the computer for compatibility and if the update is possible according to technical characteristics (all points should be marked with green checkmarks), confirm and start the update.

Window 8 Free Update Utility to Window 10Depending on the speed of the Internet connection, the speed of loading the image onto the local disk will also depend. Also, the disk should have at least 20 GB of free space. It is worth noting that the Windows 10 operating system is quite demanding, and it is better not to put it on weak computers. Nothing good will come of it. The optimal size of RAM for 64-bit systems will be 4 GB.

Ohbuttoning Windovs 10 for people with disabilities  it will be Home version for one language.

  • After the image is fully loaded, you need to press the reset button. Or he himself will restart after 20 minutes of user inaction. Then the installation of Windows 10 in the standard Windows 10 installation window will begin.

Installing Window 10 Updates

  • As always, in the process of updating, the computer will reboot several times.
  • Everything happens in automatic mode, and no actions are required from the user. But you need to be patient if you do not have a powerful machine, “pleasure” can drag on for an hour and a half or more.
  • At the final stages, the user will be required to make language and regional settings, keyboard settings, and also disable suspicious functions. Disable everything you don’t like and wait until Windows sets the latest parameters.

Window 10 Settings

Windows 10 Settings After Update

Further, the Windows old pretty impressive folder will remain on the system disk, it can be deleted using the “Drive Clean” function. Or leave for a while, because within 30 days, if for some reason the new operating system does not suit, you can roll back. To do this, Windows 10 has a special button in the system parameters. Now you know how to update Windows 8 to 10 for free quickly and easily, and most importantly, in a completely legal way, without resorting to pirate assemblies or any activators. The only condition for a successful update is licensed Windows 7 or 8. Activated Windows using quacks and activators are also updated and receive an eternal legal license, but in such assemblies, during the update process, any errors may occur or, in general, the system will refuse to update even after several unsuccessful attempts, to roll back into its original

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