How to upgrade to Windows 10 for free

The Windows 10 operating system is actively conquering the minds and hearts of an increasing number of users. And even zealous adherents of the “seven” are no longer averse to trying out a new dozen. Since the launch of Windows 10, several updates have already been released, a lot of errors have been fixed, and quite a few innovations have been made. Now the system is quite stable, and without exaggeration to say this time it really pleases.Free update to Windows 10Although the stock period, when the opportunity to receive the product for free ended in July 2016. But Microsoft left the opportunity to indefinitely and for free, update computers running the Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10 operating system for a certain circle of people, in particular, these are users with disabilities.

Free update to Windows 10

To upgrade to Windows 10 for free, you need to download the utility for updating on the official Microsoft website – Windows10Upgrade9252. Only under one condition, having a seven or eight must be licensed. Updating on pirated, activated by various activators, assemblies does not always go smoothly.

With this update for people with disabilities, Windovs, will be updated to version Windovs 10 Home for one language.

Update Windows10 nowSo, let’s get started.

  • We go to the Microsoft website, to update page , read the description and click “Update now.
  • The utility for updating will be loaded on the computer, it is portable and does not require installation, it is enough to run it with a double click.

After launch, the utility scans the system for compatibility, and if the technical capabilities allow us to continue updating.

Checking technical specifications for updates to Windows 10

  • For a successful update on the system disk there must be free space of at least 15 GB.
  • Downloading the image will begin.

If the Internet connection is slow or there are interruptions, it is better not to start the procedure, it is likely that the download will pass with errors due to interruptions.

Download Windows 10 Update

  • At the end of download, you need to restart the computer. However, even if you do not do this, the system restarts automatically, after 20 minutes of user inaction.

Windows 10 Update License Agreement

  • Further, the update will occur in the standard interface of the Windows installation window.
  • In the process, the computer will reboot several times. No action is needed from the user here, everything happens automatically.

Installing Windows 10 Updates

  • At the final stages, you will need to make some settings, or click Use standard options.

The whole process is quite long, with the average machine possessing everything “pleasure“From beginning to end, 2 hours or more can take. The Windows 10 desktop will load further, some applications may be deleted. All personal files will remain in place. And a folder will appear on the system disk Windows old. The old system will be moved into it, and if for some reason Windows 10 does not suit you within a month, you can roll up back.

Free Windows 10 Update

Contrary to popular belief, such an update on ethical standards is wrong. Everything is actually wrong. Microsoft is not going to stop user support, with disabilities. Since the opportunity to upgrade Windows to Windows 10 is provided free of charge by the company itselfand we use only those opportunities and tools kindly provided by Microsoft. It is required only on the desired page of the official website to confirm conditional “limited possibilities”.Windows 10 free updateNaturally, the company does not require any documentary evidence, and in no way checks whether the disabled person has established an update. By the way, you can upgrade Windows to Windows 10, and then roll back to seven or 8, in this focus you can get a license key and at any time on this equipment then install a clean Windows 10 OS. Since the license key is assigned to the equipment. Microsoft is actively developing a new OS and regularly releasing updates. On October 17, 2017, another update became available Fall creators update, also known as Redstone 3. You can upgrade Win 10 to Win 10 on the official website, or wait for the queue when the update arrives on the computer

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