How to clean up a disk in Windows 10

Cleaning the system disk allows you to free the free space on the computer, and without losing important data. You can format unnecessary files using built-in features Windows and when using third-party software.

Using internal system tools

There is a way to clean the disk with Windows 10, internal system tools. Everything is done in a few steps. First, open the computer parameters through the Start menu. Click on the inscription “System”, go to the “Storage.Storage Settings in the Control Panel

There will be a disk icon with the inscription of free and occupied space, click on it. Select “Interim Files”, check all items and enable cleaning.Removing temporary files

Then return to “This computer”, open the properties of the system disk. Select a cleaning item. Wait until the system finds all unused files and displays them. Mark all points and delete.

Using third-party software

CCleaner – A powerful utility for cleaning the computer and correcting registry errors. Download it from Choose a free version of the program, it completely copes with the task. The installation procedure is standard for her.

Run CCleaner, immediately the cleaning section will open. There you can configure where the utility will delete the data. It mainly formatts temporary and unused files, as well as doubles. But it also erases all browser data. And this is extremely undesirable, since there are passwords, viewing history and more. Therefore, go to the “Appendices” tab, find the browser used and uncheck all the checkmarks from it. Then you can start cleaning the system.Removing temporary files с помощью CCleaner

The utility works very quickly, has a clear interface and ease of use. There is no possibility of rectifying registry conflicts. If you decide to use it, then agree to back up the data.

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