How to rollback the system back Windows 10

The relatively young operating system Windows 10, released in 2014, caused controversial disputes over the relativity of its stability and surveillance. However, it is worth noting that the final version of Windows 10 this time was a success. But, despite all its merits, many users, one way or another, who have received a new OS on their computer, want to bring back the favorite “seven” or 8, which they used before the update. Moving on to the “ten”, during the free update period, users had 30 days to roll the system back. After this period, it is no longer possible to use this function. So how to roll Windows 10?Windows 10 system rollbackNow, to return the old OS will have to be performed clean installation, either perform recovery using a pre-created system image that was before Windows 10. But even after the end of the promotion period, there was a loophole to get the product for free, in an absolutely legal way – this update Windows 7 or 8 to “tens” for people with disabilities. In this case, if the new version of Windows 10 is not arranged by something, you can make a 10 rollback system in Win.

How to make a system rollback to Windows 10

  • To do this, open the system parameters menu, through the call with hot keys Win + I or through the “buttonAll parameters»In the notification center window on the toolbar.

All Window 10 options

  • Next, go to the “sectionUpdate and Security”and here, if the ability to roll back the OS to the previous version is still relevant, you need to click on the button to return to Windows 7 or 8 (this is already with which OS you updated).

Window 10 Update and Security

  • Then, you just need to follow the prompts on the screen and after a short period of time the system will be restored to the state when the update to Windows 10 has not yet occurred. With the exception of some programs and applications that were deleted by the system at the time of updating, they will have to be re-installed.

Rollback to previous Windows 10 assembly

Rollback system recovery of workable parameters

The rollback of the system also means the restoration of its working state. If drivers, programs or utilities that could cause some problems were incorrectly installed. Or due to malicious activity that damaged some programs and components. Here we will describe how to make a rollback of Vin 10, if a program crash occurs. When it is not possible to determine the cause, as well as to eliminate problems in the Windows environment. Most often, such events with a rollback until the moment when there was no problem, solve a lot of problems. So:

  • Let’s go to the menu “All parameters.
  • Switch to “Recovery”and here we select the first recovery section, where you can return the working state of the computer. We click on the button “Start.

Recovery of working parameters Windovs 10

  • Next, we select whether we save user data, all downloaded programs and files or not.

Windows Recovery 10 Action Selection

Attention: in the case of selecting the item at which all data will be deleted, the computer status will be returned to the state at the time of installation or updating. That is, everything that was uploaded to the computer’s memory during the use of Windows 10 will be deleted. Therefore, you should worry in advance about the safety of important documents and files.


  • When the system rolls back while saving data, applications can also be deleted, but personal data saved, there will be a corresponding warning. We agree and click “Further.

Rollback Vin 10

  • Now you should be patient, as. it will take some time to roll Windows 10.

Windows Recovery 10At the end of the recovery, the system will start in normal mode, and it will be possible to work, install programs and

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