How to disable antivirus on windows 10

Most often, when a user tries to figure out how to turn off the antivirus of Wing 10, he needs to deactivate the Windows Defender or SmartScreen filter. These are the built-in components of the system responsible for its safety. But sometimes they function incorrectly. Most often, failures appear in blocking websites or programs that have been recognized as malicious.

Antivirus shutdown

You can turn off the antivirus protection in the “ten” in two ways: install a third-party antivirus or deactivate the corresponding components of the system. The first option is more preferable, since then the security of Windows 10 will not suffer. But for some reason he does not fit, then you can resort to the second.

1 method: Installing antivirus software

Built-in security components of the system will be deactivated if you install third-party antivirus software on your computer. It can be Kaspersky, Avast, NOD32 or any other program. The article will discuss the first case:

  1. Follow the link and click on “Download”.Download Kaspersky in Browser
  2. Run the installation, change any parameters is not required.
  3. When the program starts, enable the option “Activate trial …”.Trial version of Kaspersky
  4. Kaspersky will turn on automatically when the computer starts. In this case, the built-in antivirus is deactivated.

2 Method: Turning Out Protection Elements

Turning off security features in Windows 10 will not only be possible through the installation of antivirus software. They will be deactivated using a special utility. There are many of them, but it is recommended to choose Destroy Windows 10 Spying.DWS WindowThe portable version is available for download on theОткройте page DWS_Lite.exe. Immediately log in to the settings menu and activate the professional mode. Then check the item “Disable Windows Defender “.DWS SettingsReturn to the main tab and click the button Destroy Windows 10 Spying. Utility will need to restart PC, click Yes in the confirmation window.Rearload PC in

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