How to disable antivirus on Windows 10

Like any other operating system, Windows 10 also has its own defender. In most cases, when installing a third-party antivirus, the native is disconnected. But, if this did not happen, if necessary, it can be turned off.Windows 10 shutdown built-in antivirusIf you do this in the system parameters menu, remove all the tags in the settings, this will work only for 15 minutes or until the next reset. Since you can completely disable the antivirus of Wing 10 only through the registry editor. To do this, you need to perform several simple manipulations.Temporarily disconnect Windows 10 defender

We always turn off the antivirus

  • We open the application “Run»using keys Win + r or enter the word execute in the Windows search bar on the taskbar, and there we click on the classic application found in the list.
  • In the small window that opens, you need to write a command  regedit, click “Ok.
  • Open folder Hkey LOCAL MACHINE, by clicking on a small arrow nearby.
  • Then – SOFTWARE
  • Next folder – Policies
  • After which – Microsoft
  • And here on the last folder Windows Defender just press the mouse, you need to create a rule in the window. We right-click in the free part of the window and select “Create»Further assign value to our file (DWORD Parameter (32 bits)).
  • Give him a name DisableAntiSpyware
  • Further, in this file we again press twice with the mouse or perform the right click and in the window that opens we change the value to (1).

Disabling Windows 10 Defender Through Registry EditorAfter restarting the computer, the Windows 10 defender will be completely disabled, although the defender’s icon can be observed in the tray. But if you click on it, then a corresponding message appears that it is disabled, and to turn it on, you must contact the system administrator. To turn it on again, you need to go along the same path, only now change the value of this file to (0). Built-in antivirus, in principle, does its job well, and if there is no third-party antivirus, built-in is still better than nothing.Defender Windows 10

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