How to disable Windows 10 update

Company Microsoft actively engaged in improving the operating system Windows 10. Updates for her regularly appear, introducing new functions that eliminate old errors and improve protection. Initially, the system is configured in such a way as to automatically download and install the last patches.

And it’s really convenient, because the user on the computer will always have the latest version Win with all the improvements. But automatic updating has a number of disadvantages. The first of them – traffic consumption. Especially this minus will be significant for owners of the limited tariff of the Internet. The bottom line is that the latest updates are downloaded from the Microsoft website, some of them are larger than 1 GB. This greatly “fires” traffic, and the communication channel loads, reducing the speed of the Internet.

Second drawback – obsession. The system regularly notifies the availability of updates and urges them to establish. And this is very distracting, as notifications pop up over programs, games and films.

Third flaw – installation procedure. It can start suddenly if it is not postponed on time. Then the computer will reboot and begin to update its components. The result of this can be the loss of unsaved data, which will then be very difficult or completely impossible to recover.

As it has already become clear, there are flaws in the automatic update system, and they are very significant, so some users decide to deactivate it.

System service shutdown

This method, how to disable updates on Windows 10, is suitable for all versions of the OS. Its essence is to terminate the work of the corresponding service. Then the system will not be able to update automatically until the user starts the procedure himself.

shutdown updates on Windows 10

To start, open the “Management Panel” (the easiest way is to combine keys Win + X and selection of the corresponding item). Switch the display option to the icons. Double-click on the “Administration” icon, in the folder open the “Servants” shortcut.

how to disable Windows 10 updates

In the entire list you need to find the item “Information Center …” (it may still be called Windows Update). It is not necessary to leaf through the entire list, just press the first letter of the name on the keyboard (C or W), having previously set the desired layout language. Double-click on the selected service.

windows 10 update center

To start, stop it, and then in the type of launch indicate “Deleted”. Remember to apply tinctures. Then it is advisable to restart the computer. Similarly, in the future it will be possible to include this service, if necessary.

kak-otklyuchit-obnovlenie-windows-10updates are disabled

Editing Local Group Policy

This method, how to disable automatic updates in Wing 10, suitable only for OS publications Pro (Professional) and Enterprise. For the Home version, it will not work. Otherwise, this option is extremely simple and reliable, will forever relieve the user of the need to update Windows.


Press PCM on the “Start” button, select “Follow”. Insert command in the text line gpedit.msc and confirm your actions. In the computer configuration, open the category “Administrative Templates – Components Windows.


There find the item “Refresh CenterWindows. Need an update settings line, double-click on it LKM. Set the value of the parameter to “Off.

find the Windows update center, there we turn off the updates

Now open the system updates and check. This action is necessary, otherwise the changes may not be confirmed. Manually update Win 10 is still possible, but the automatic mode will be disabled. Then reboot the system. To return everything to its original value, do all the above actions and set the “On” parameter.

The simplest options are described above, as in Windows 10 turn off updates manually. Now let’s move on to options using special software.

Using third-party software

There are a large number of programs that automate the user’s actions and perform a specific task. There are also those who prohibit updating the system. Consider two of them.

select disconnect the window 10 update center

The first is Win Updates Disabler. The official link for downloading the program is It is undesirable to download the utility from unknown sources, there is a great risk of infection of the computer.

On the page there is a complete and portable version of the program. The only difference is that the second does not require installation. Launch the utility, exhibit “Disable Windows Updates»And confirm the changes.


There are still BY Windows Update Blocker. It performs similar functions, but paid, unlike the first option. There are other programs of this kind, but the two listed are some of the most famous, convenient and proven.

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