How to disable OneDrive on Windows 10

One Drive – built-in program in Windows 10, designed to store user data on the Internet. It starts with the start of the computer, hangs in the tray and is present in the file browser. The service is useful, but far from for everyone. If the user does not use it, he will want to deactivate the application.

The article describes in detail the instructions as on Win 10 turn off Onedrive. As a result, the program will not start when the computer is downloaded, it will also be possible to remove the icon from the conductor.

define window 10

First you need to find out what your revision is Windows established, since the procedure will depend on this. Click on the “Start” PCM icon and go to the “System” category. A computer information window will open. In the “Issue” section Windows»The version of the operating system is indicated. Audit “Home” may still call Home, Professional” – Pro.


Instruction for Windows 10 Home

To start, we’ll figure out how to turn off OneDrive Win 10 Home. In this version of the operating system, this is much easier to do. To begin with, you need to find the program icon in the tray, click on it PCM and go to the parameters section.

In the window that opens, uncheck the automatic start point. The “Delete communication …” button is also present in the parameters. When you click it, the synchronization of local data with the cloud server will be canceled, and all data from there will be deleted. The button will be inactive if nothing has been loaded into Onedrive. It remains only to apply the settings and restart the computer.

Instructions for Windows 10 Professional

At the editors of “Professional” in Windows 10 Onedrive disconnect in the previous way, most likely, will not work. In this case, try a different approach.

off onedrive

To complete the task, include a group policy editor. To do this, click PCM on the “Start” icon, click on “Execute” there and drive into the input window gpedit.msc.


The program will open, in it in the “Computer Configuration” section, double-click LKM on “Administrative Templates”, and then “Components Windows.

disconnect Onedrive on windows 10 pro

Find a point there OneDrive and open it.


For the first point, you need to set the “Deleted” state, for the rest – “On”. That’s all, Onedrive will stop starting when the system is loaded.

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