How to Disable Smart Screen Win 10

The SmartScreen filter appeared in the G8 as a means of system security. The function migrated to Windows 10 with minor technical changes. But the general principle of operation has remained unchanged: when running executable files from unverified sources, a system notification appears with a description of possible risks. To close it and continue working, you need to press two buttons sequentially.

View of SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10

Many users do not like the warning data, as they are very distracted and accompanied by a sound signal. Such people will definitely be interested in the way to disable the function.

Disabling item

Since most users choose third-party antiviruses, they do not need the internal protection of the system. Moreover, some of its components will simply interfere. These include the application installer. Let’s figure out how to turn off SmartScreen in Win 10.Ways of deactivation of protection differ for different versions of “ten. Try from the first, one of them will definitely work anyway.

Method 1: Windows Security Center

This option almost always works on all updated Windows 10, so you should start with it. The disconnection of the SmartScreen function is as follows:

  1. Press Win + I, a new system options window will open.
  2. There, select the very last item, then – “Defender Windows.
  3. There are two options. Sometimes there is a point in the window “Open the security center”, in other cases – “Insert antivirus. Just click on one of these buttons.

    Configuring protection in System Settings

  4. Next, select “Application management …”.
  5. The window contains three options with operating modes to choose from. In all, set the value “Turn off”.

    Shutdown filter at Security Center

In the future, when running executable files from the Internet, warnings will not occur. But remember that such a system operating mode is associated with a certain risk, third-party programs may contain various viruses.

Method 2: Registry Editor

Built-in protection against unidentified applications can be disabled in the registry editor. It starts from the search in the menu “Start”. Drive in there regedit and click on the element of the same name from the issue. Then open the catalog at the end of whose name MACHINE and follow the path SOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindows. In the final section, find the System item and double-click on it. Move the mouse cursor to an empty space in the right field, press PCM and create a DWORD element.

Creating a DWORD parameter in the Registry Editor

Set the name EnableSmartScreen for it, you do not need to touch the remaining parameters. Then close the window and restart the PC. The security element will no longer work when opening executable files.

Method 3: Local Group Policy

How to turn off SmartScreen in Win 10 Pro? In this version of the operating system, a local group policy editor is available, which greatly simplifies some settings. It is called using a dialog box “Follow out”, as well as using search in the Start. In both cases, the request will be gpedit.msc.

gpedit in the Run window

  1. Open the system editor in one way higher.
  2. Click on “Computer configuration” in the left block, further actions will be performed already in the right.
  3. Go to section “Administrative templates”, point “All parameters”.
  4. In the toolbar, open the section “View”.
  5. Click on “Filter parameters …”.
  6. Activate the filtering point on key lines.
  7. Inject the text line Smartscreen, then click “OK”.

    Filter Settings in the Local Group Policy Editor

  8. Open the section again “View” and activate the item Filter.
  9. In section “Administrative templates” open the item “All parameters”.
  • For all points starting with “Turn on …” and “Configure …” set the state “Disabled”.
  • Reboot the computer.

Method 4: Control Panel

This method is distinguished by its simplicity. It is carried out at the very end of the article solely because of its limitations: it will be used at the early assemblies of the OS, even without the Creators Update. Everything is done through the Control Panel. It is called from the context menu “Start”:

  1. Press Win + X and select the corresponding item from the list.
  2. Switch the display mode of the item to the icons.
  3. Open “Security Center …”.

    Security and Service Center in the Control Panel

  4. In the left block of the window is the item “Change of parameters …”.
  5. Here you can turn off the protective function, just select the rule “Do nothing …” for unidentified applications.

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