How to turn off Windows Defender 10

Windovs 10 has an integrated antivirus called Windows Defender. The program does not require installation or configuration, is constantly on, protecting the system from viral threats and malware. Defender Functions Windows by default. It will turn off if third-party antivirus software is installed on the computer.

How to disconnect Defender Windows 10 on your own? There are several options for solving this problem. The first is a temporary way, the rest are permanent. Consider each of them in more detail.

Temporary way

There is a temporary way to disconnect Windows Defender. It will be useful, for example, when an antivirus swears on a downloaded file or a running program, but you are confident in its harmlessness. Literally in a few actions it will be possible to temporarily suspend computer protection.

Open the Start menu, click on the gear icon. There, find the security category, where the “Defender” point is located Windows. How to disconnect Defender Windows 10- 1When you deactivate the “Defense in Real Time” setting, its action will be suspended. But this is a temporary way, as mentioned above. After about 15 minutes, the antivirus is reactivated.How to disconnect Defender Windows 10

Permanent Ways

Since the previous option has certain restrictions, it will seem convenient to far from all users. Now let’s figure out how to remove the Defender Windows“forever.

Using third-party software

The easiest way to eliminate built-in antivirus with third-party software. To perform this method, large knowledge of the PC is not required, an ordinary user will cope with the task.

There are many free utilities with which in a few actions you can turn off the OS protection system. One of the best is Win Updater Disabler. The official website of the utility is

The utility is designed to shut off the built-in components of Windows. With its help, it will also be possible to suspend the operation of the automatic update service. Run the program, check the box opposite the item Disable Windows Defender (Disable Windows Defender) and apply the changes. You may need to restart the PC. Turn on the work of the service will be in the section Enable, therefore all actions are returnable.Use of third-party software (2)

Destroy Windows Spying – utility for disconnecting user tracking. But among its functions in extended mode there is a deactivation of antivirus from Microsoft.

Group Policy Editing

To accomplish this method, you need to open a group policy editor. This feature is available only for the professional and corporate version of the operating system.

Press at the same time Win and R, copy to the input line gpedit.msc and confirm the request. In the folder tree, follow the directory: “Computer configuration – Administrative templates – Windows components – Anti-virus program …”. In the right block of the application is the column “Turn off the antivirus. For her, you need to set the value “On. If this item is missing, then look Endpoint Protection (early naming).Group Policy Editing

The result of these actions will be deactivation Windows Defender. Try to open its program, an inscription should appear that the corresponding service is disabled at the system level. To return everything to its original position, set the “Turned off” parameter for that item.

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