How to open folders with one click in Windows 10

It is possible to open folders with a single click Windows 10. In fact, this feature was included in earlier versions of the operating system. It is not enabled by default as most users are accustomed to the double-click method of opening. But some people will like this opportunity or simply need it.

Setting the function

First way

It is activated in Internet Options. To get started, click on the Start icon with the left mouse button and select Control Panel in the System-Windows folder. Opening Control Panel in Windows 10

Switch the display option to small icons.Windows 10 Control Panel

In the entire list of services, run “Explorer Options”.Selecting explorer options in the control panel

In the window that opens, select “Open with one click…”Enable folder opening with one click;

Second method

There is another alternative. Open any directory, switch to the “View” tab, there click on “Options – Change settings …”. Internet Options will open again. It’s just two different ways. Change search and folder options

The first tab has a Mouse Clicks section. Initially, there is an option to open with a double click. Switch it to single. There are two options available in this mode. If you activate the first one, then all files will be underlined, if the second one, the document the mouse cursor is pointing to will be underlined. Switch to double tap

This is the easiest way to open folders with one click in Windows 10. This mode of operation takes some getting used to. At first there will be inadvertent discoveries, but over time this will only increase the speed of working at the computer.

If you activate the very first item in the same menu, then all directories will open in a new window. But this function is replaced by Ctrl + left click.

If you need to return the option to its original position, open File Explorer Options again and enable double-tap to open. In this case, the selection setting will also disappear.

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