How to reinstall Windows 10

Sometimes users need a reinstallation Windows 10. Possible reasons why it may be required: a desire to clean the system, damage to important files, irreparable problems, viral threats, and so on. Two main ways can be distinguished, how to reinstall Windows 10: clean reinstallation or a recovery option.

PC recovery

This option is suitable for owners of company computers. The bottom line is that the manufacturer left the recovery section on the hard drive. It contains all the necessary system files, programs and components.

A PC set should include an installation disk with which OS recovery is possible. A special utility for this can also be downloaded on the official website of the developer. It is worth understanding that programs are different for different computer brands.

If you have such a disk, just paste it into DVDROM and restart the system. The reinstallation procedure will automatically begin, just act according to the prompts on the screen.

reinstalling windows 10

In addition, in Windows 10 there is a built-in reset function with two modes: with the deletion or storage of user data. You can find it in the parameters of the PC. Open the Start menu and click on the gear icon. Go to the section “Renewal and Security – Recovery. In the right screen block, click on “Start.

update and restore windows 10

When activated, you must understand that the computer will erase all system data and update the OS. During the installation procedure, you cannot restart or turn off the computer (it can reboot during the business process – this is normal), since this can lead to a disruption to the recovery process.

start recovery system Windows 10

Clean reinstallation

This method should be resorted to if there is no branded disk or utility for restoring the OS and the option of reinstalling using internal means of Vin is not possible. It is only suitable for experienced users.

To accomplish this method, you will need to create a boot disk or flash drive. Therefore, you initially need to find and download the image of the system, and then mount it on the media.

how to reinstall win 10

Microsoft there is a special utility for this – Media Creation Tool. You can download it on the official website Select the second run option by pre-inserting the disk or flash drive into the computer. The media must have at least 5 GB of space, previously it must be formatted.

how to reinstall Windows 10

When the image is mounted, restart the computer and enter BIOS (clicking Delete on the keyboard when an image appears on the monitor). There you need to find a download option (boot priority), usually in advanced settings (advanced). In different biosas, its location varies. See the instructions for the motherboard for more details. Set in the start options from the drive and save the settings. Then restart the computer, after a while the installation of the system will begin. In the process, you need to completely clean the system disk, otherwise the 2 version of the OS will be on the PC.


Actions after the first start of the system

Performing one of the ways to clean Windows will result in the formatting of all system data. Then the first start of the computer will follow, at this time it will configure various parameters. It will take some time, wait for the end.

Actions to be performed in case of PC recovery:

  • Clear Win from unnecessary programs. The fact is that the system will have original software from the computer developer, a certain part of which will be unnecessary for the user, but will hang in the autorun, taking up RAM and a place on the system disk.
  • Updating drivers to the latest versions. When the system is restored with a special utility, all the necessary drivers are set by default. But their version will be outdated, so an update is required. The latest drivers can be downloaded on the manufacturer’s official website.

Actions to be performed in case of a clean installation Windows:

  • Download all used programs, configure the system as you wish.
  • Put the latest equipment drivers.

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