How to clean Windows 10 from junk files

In the process of working at the computer, after a certain time has passed, a large amount of garbage is accumulated in memory. Unless, of course, timely clean the operating system. With a large clogged system disk, the computer begins to significantly slow down and move. The more cluttered the computer, the worse the situation.How to clean Windows 10For these purposes, Windows 10 itself has a number of means. And there are also a lot of different programs and utilities with which you can clean.

  • Windows’s built-in tools for cleaning your computer from garbage files include the built-in function “Disk Cleaning.
  • You can also use third-party utilities.

Disk Cleaning from Garbage Files

First, we’ll analyze how to clean Windows 10 using built-in tools:

  • To do this, open the conductor (click on the folder icon on the toolbar), where we select “This computer“, or we perform a double click on the icon”This computer»On the desktop.

Window 10 conductor

  • Here we can see all our devices and disks, as well as some information about them, in particular, the volume of free space on them. If one of them is full, it will be indicated in red, signaling that free disk space ends. Then you need to clean.

How to clean the crowded local Windows 10

  • We select a crowded disk and right-click on it. In the drop-down menu, select the last item “Properties.

Windows 10 local disk properties 

  • In the tab “General“the properties of the local disk are clicked on the button”Disk Cleaning.

Here below is the settings item “Squeeze this disc to save space»- the check box from this item is better off. Save megabytes 100, no more, but in productivity you lose.

Disk Cleaning Function in Windows 10

  • The system will calculate the disk space. In the window that opens, you should note items with trash and temporary files that can be deleted. We note the necessary, and we clean.

You can also clean system files here. The whole process is automated.Window 10 Disk Cleaning

Do not be afraid to clean, operating systems are written by competent people and will not integrate the self-destruction button into the system.

As you can see, in the “System File Cleaning“, quite large volumes of temporary files can be stored, in particular, these are updates to Windows, a basket. As well as temporary or trash information of other sections; remaining garbage, after installing and removing programs and components that do not positively affect the system. They can be removed to free space. Feel free to tick all the points and click “Ok.

How to clear Windows 10 of unnecessary files

You can clean the computer from unnecessary files through the computer settings menu, Windows 10 has a very convenient functionality for this, here, while in the explorer, you can click on the icon “Open options.WindowS 10 System OptionsOr go to the menu “All parameters » through “Notification Center»On the toolbar.All Window 10 options

  • We pass to the tab “System.

Windows 10 System Settings Menu

  • And then to the subsection “Vault.

Here we also see all our discs.Vindovs Vault 10By clicking on any of them, a detailed list of partitions will open, divided by points also opening each, we will fall into the folder with the files stored in it.Windows 10 file storage systemA very convenient solution, compared to earlier systems, where it was rather problematic to find information, trash files that we can delete.Windows 10 file repositoryMoving on to the menu tabs of the parameters of the “Storage” section, it is very convenient to determine where on which disks there are large files that are no longer needed, and they can be deleted. Do not forget about the desktop and folders “Loading“,”Images“,”Documents»and other Windows 10 fast access folders. All of them are stored on a local disk, and, downloading any information, they are stored on the system section, thereby filling the useful space with unnecessary files. You can also clean Windows 10 from unnecessary files with third-party utilities, there are a great many in the expanses of the Internet. All of them have both a number of advantages and a number of disadvantages. The advantages of such “cliners” include utility and simplicity, they themselves determine the garbage files and optimize the system. To cons – these are still third-party programs, unfortunately, they can also sweep something useful along with the garbage, as a result of which, then the system may simply not

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