How to increase FPS on Windows 10

Fans of computer games are interested in how to increase FPS in games. Let’s figure out what this FPS is. Translated from the English phrase, Frames Per Second is “Cadrov per second”. This refers to the frequency of frame change.How to increase fps to Windows 10The more FPS gives out the computer, the better the picture and the entire dynamic scene. FPS depends on the video card, processor and RAM. It depends to a lesser extent on the monitor, the monitor is rather a limiter. FPS cannot be more than the monitor update frequency.

FPS increase

How to increase fps on Wing 10? First of all, you need to check the availability of fresh drivers on the website of the manufacturer of computer components. Sound Card Drivers, system board, graphic adapter. It is important to timely update device drivers, as this ensures the quality of the computer as a whole. Due to outdated drivers, the picture on the screen can change beyond recognition.

It is recommended to download drivers only on official sites of equipment manufacturers.

Disabling unnecessary programs

A large number of background programs significantly reduce PC performance. They can be closed through the Task Panel by clicking on the icon of hidden icons of running applications. In particular, it is worth noting antiviruses and torrents, they load the system most, and in the game significantly reduce FPS.Disabling background programs on Windows 10

Disabling Visual Effects

  • Visual effects of the operating system, live animated wallpapers and themes also create a decent load. The best option would be to set up classic themes.

Disabling Visual Effects Windows 10

  • As well as temporary shutdown of unnecessary services. Do it simple. We call the utility “Run»through a Windows search or key combination Win + r.
  • In the utility window we write a team.


Disable Windows 10 Services

  • Being on the tab “Services»Turn off the required. (Here you need to note the item “Do not display Microsoft services” so as not to inadvertently turn off something you need).

Disabling Windows 10 Services

  • You can defragment the disk using the built-in Windows or third-party software.

Defragmentation of Windows 10

  • A significant increase in productivity and frame rate per second in games can give an increase in the swap file.

Windows 10 Pump FileWith such simple actions, you can partially remove the load from the computer and get an increase in FPS to Wing 10 about 5 –10 units. If no manipulation helps, you should think about iron upgrades for more powerful ones.

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